Does the Semantic Web Exist?

June 13, 2012  
Posted in News, search, semantic, Taxonomy

With Apple’s Siri and Kngine responding to both written and spoken questions with text, pictures, graphs, and images, it is hard to dispute that the semantic web is no longer a pipedream. Yet, there are those who are doing just that.

This topic was inspired by an article on Wamda titled, “Links Are Not Answers: Cairo’s Kngine Launches App to Revolutionize Search.” Regardless of what you want to call it, achieving quality, comprehensive search results without the solid foundation of a standards-based taxonomy is the challenge. Without a taxonomy to index data, there are no smooth flows through a decision tree, and valuable business intelligence is lost. Building a solid taxonomy requires experience and standards – both of which Access Innovations has in spades. Access Innovations’ solutions are ANSI compliant and implement state-of-the-art technology to speed tagging and reduce errors.

Melody K. Smith

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