The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) has launched its free Semantic Scholar service, which will allow scientific researchers to quickly search the millions of scientific papers published each year to find those most relevant to their work.¬†PRNewswire brought this information our way in their article, “Semantic Scholar Utilizes Artificial Intelligence Methods to Transform Scientific Search for Computer Scientists.”

AI2’s expertise in data mining, natural-language processing and computer vision makes the process of search and discover easier and quicker.

It is difficult to keep up with the explosive growth of scientific literature these days and still be able to discern which papers are most relevant and of the highest quality.

Using machine reading and vision methods, Semantic Scholar crawls the web, finding all PDFs of publicly available scientific papers on computer science topics, extracting both text and diagrams/captions, and indexing it all for future contextual retrieval. Using natural language processing, the system identifies the top papers, extracts filtering information and sorts.

Melody K. Smith

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