For the average reader, details like hyphens may seem irrelevant to the content and overall message. But those in the taxonomy field understand all too well how important details can be in classifying data and retrieving it easily. Making content findable is the name of the game. This interesting information came from the post, “Aves—A Taxonomy in Flux.”

The author talks about stylistic considerations, which in some circles is like talking about politics. No one will ever agree on one method. For example, gray vs. grey or hyphens to break up words for scanning efficiency. We just have to accept the fact that they will not always look the same, but they will be pronounced the same.

The International Ornithological Congress (IOC) maintains the IOC World Bird List and they are a good example of having accommodations for the English names of birds. This approach extends beyond the world of birds.

Melody K. Smith

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