Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to advance on what seems like a daily basis. But has the web kept up with these technological advances? We have smart phones, why not smart web?¬†CIO brought this information to us in their article, “Why hasn’t artificial intelligence made the Internet smarter?

The commercial Internet has now been around for twenty-some years and the for the most part, it hasn’t changed much since the early AOL and CompuServe days.

The Internet started out as a research tool between governments, universities and corporations. With the advent of hyperlinks, the Internet has been transformed into a commercial vehicle for the sale of good and services. The process of research has become cumbersome due to the constant consumerism.

We expect a lot out of AI, and while it may change the¬†Internet someday, it won’t in the foreseeable future because little knowledge is captured in a form that AI machines can directly ingest.

Melody K. Smith

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