With all the fear of data security lapses and breaches, it is surprising to find that data on a mobile device is quite possibly the safest. This interesting information came to us from InfoWorld in their article, “Mobile is still the safest place for your data.”

We have heard many times from IT professionals and lawyers that devices are conduits for sensitive corporate data to leave the company. According to security professionals, there is no evidence to support this fear; quite the opposite, in fact. There is evidence that mobile devices are not even a moderate risk factor for the loss of data.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s database of personally identifying information (PII) breaches, which require disclosure by both state and federal laws, mobile-linked breaches haven’t shown up in previous years, nor in 2016. Considering the number of smartphones that are being used on a daily basis, this is quite impressive.

Melody K. Smith

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