Take Advantage of Taxonomy 101, a Full Day Workshop Taught by Experts at the SLA 2018 Annual Conference

Taxonomies organize a collection of information – structured or unstructured – and they underpin search in many applications. Taxonomy 101 provides the basics for […]

Making DAM Content Findable

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A strong taxonomy is critical to the success a digital asset management (DAM) system and it requires hands-on care and updates regardless of its […]

AI and Taxonomies – Match Made in Heaven?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to realize more potential and benefits in varying sectors of business. Thomason Reuters brought us this interesting news in their release, […]

LIFE Imagines Indexed

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LIFE magazine is using machine learning to organize over 4 million images from the LIFE magazine archives into an interactive encyclopedia. LIFE magazine was […]

Findability Empowered by Taxonomies

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Health Affairs recently announced a new website, supported by a comprehensive taxonomy that reflects the specialized vocabulary that comes with the health and medical field. […]

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Improves Semantic Enrichment of Digital Assets

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In light of the new functionality that has been added to Access Innovations’ Machine Aided Indexer (M.A.I.®) software, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics […]

Digging Deep

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We live in a data-rich world where organizations, governments and individuals can analyze anything and everything. At present, the most easily indexed material from the web […]