Standards Across Subjects

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Vocabulary standards are important, this we know. This is true regardless of the subject matter – be it medical coding or liquor. This interesting topic […]

Trends in Open Source

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Open source documentation has been around for a long time. Over time there have been changes in both technology and perspectives regarding authoring and publishing. Open […]

Digital Data Growing in the White House

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Based on the priorities that President-elect Donald Trump has laid out for his first days in office, one could reasonably expect that government operations will […]

Standards in Data

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Creating open standards to ensure data center hardware is equipped to cope with the amounts of information data centers are required to process in […]

Publishing Journal Has One Decade in Their Belt

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PLOS ONE published its first papers ten years ago. Since that time they have honored their mission to be an open, public venue for all […]

Using Semantic Technology in New Approaches

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A new semantic-based search tool is designed to help U.S. Army intelligent tutoring system authors search for existing training reference materials. This interesting information came from […]

2017 NFAIS Conference – Early Bird Pricing Ends Today

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The National Federation of Advanced Information Sciences (NFAIS) is once again hosting its annual conference, this year on February 26-28, 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Access Innovations […]

Securing the Cloud

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Since the dawn of cloud storage and computing, security concerns were the biggest impediments. Now that they are more common, almost normal, do the […]