Finding the Content Fast

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NTENT recently announced the expansion of its next generation semantic search and natural language processing technologies to support the Russian language. Business Wire brought this […]

Mark Your Calendars Today

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DATAVERSITY is launching a new conference dedicated to Graph Databases and Technologies. Graphorum will be held in Redwood City, California on January 30 – February […]

Semantic Technology in the Financial World

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Semantic technology can benefit people in a variety of ways. Onboarding in the financial world used to be a simple matter of filling in a form […]

Technology on Your Person

The prediction that global wearable device shipments will increase from nearly 202 million in 2016 to more than 501 million by 2021 has many […]

Audiobooks Transformed

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Remember books on tape? Then they morphed into CDs, but it still took four or five CDs for a decent size novel. Now with […]

Semantic Technology at Play

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A programmatic content marketing platform – Programmatic Plus – was recently released by EngageSimply. Programmatic Plus is powered by real-time semantic technology. Business Wire brought […]

Transforming Processes

Digital transformation aims to automate an organization’s repetitive functions in a way that links systems and provides a more seamless experience to the end users. CMS […]