The Many Faces of Data

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Big data is not always smart data and smart data isn’t necessarily big data. This isn’t a riddle, it is a conundrum. This interesting […]

The Technology of Relationships

In an effort to move forward with their artificial intelligence-based chatbot technology, Microsoft has recently purchased messaging app developer Wand Labs. This interesting information came […]

Protect Your Data

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Security is a huge concern for any organization in any industry. Cyber theft, phishing, and straightforward fraud on the Internet is not limited to […]

Semantics in the Financial World

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Semantic technology can benefit people in a variety of ways. Onboarding in the financial world used to be a simple matter of filling in a form […]

Who’s Who at Smart Data Online?

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The Smart Data Online event is only a few weeks away. Hundreds of professionals have already registered from companies around the world for this […]

Visualizing Success

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Data virtualization is proving to be a valuable ally for delivering reliable data integration and data sharing. Integration Developer News brought this interesting information to […]

Facebook Patents Slang Dictionary

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Facebook recently received a patent that is getting a little attention. It is a piece of software that scans the social media site for emerging terms […]

Your Very Own Taxonomy

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There are many places where taxonomy affects our lives, the least of which is certainly not where you choose to shop, as one couple recently […]

Enterprise Approach to Managing Content

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Changes are coming to how the government handles emails and digital content. Mandates from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) require agencies to […]

Making Better Use of Data

Pre-processing and indexing data in one operation with the new add-on for Splunk creates new performance and ergonomic value for users. This interesting information came […]