AI at Home

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in every industry and in more homes by the day. While technology giants tend to get all the limelight, […]

New Partnership Designed to Protect Cyberspace

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R9B is a provider of cybersecurity products and services. Recently they announced a strategic partner investment into Champion Technology. PRNewswire brought this interesting information to […]

Getting the Most Out of Analytics

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Time is valuable in the world of business. Waiting to get critical data analyzed and presented in the form of an understandable report can […]

Using AI and Machine Learning in Data Storage

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Data is the key ingredient for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies continue to mature and they are generating vast amounts of […]

New and Trusted Technologies in Knowledge Management

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Cognitive computing and machine learning are making a huge impact on knowledge management. New technology opens up new opportunities, but in the end it’s all […]

Natural Language Processing to the Rescue

IHS Markit has taken the step into natural language processing (NLP) to improve the content of its event catalogs across all of the vendor’s […]

AI and the Military

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