Smart Devices Getting Smarter

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Remember when you were amazed at how fast a copy machine could reproduce your document in multiple copies including stapling and sorting them? However […]

Technology and Health

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A new web-based, searchable directory of health applications is being released to the 800+ general practitioners in Tasmania that will allow them to prescribe […]

Analyzing the Data

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Data access, quality and integration are present across industries and one constant are the challenges data professionals navigate in order to actually analyze the […]

Collaboration Seeks to Improve Research

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A group of not-for-profit scientific membership societies have announced the launch of the Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA). This is an initiative focused on […]

Open Access Academic Books Prove Their Worth

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Academic publishers should take note of a recent report from Springer Nature that shows there is a tangible benefit to publishing academic books using immediate […]

Webinar Addresses the Current Media Landscape

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It is back to school season and that applies to professionals as well. The Society for Scholarly Publishing is offering a webinar on November […]

Technology in Your Back Pocket

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When I say wearables you might think of clothes or jewelry, or even backpacks. However, connected wearable devices are fast becoming as well established […]

Collaborating on AI

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A new collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon Web Service (AWS) is looking at deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Gluon is the result of the joint […]