Records Management Position Available

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, indexing, information management, etc., we are sharing career opportunities that we find with […]

Words That Roll Off the Tongue

If someone asked you to name the most beautiful word or phrase in English, how would you begin to choose? Would your decision be […]

Checks and Balances

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Sharing of research data continues to grow, as does the requirement of data publication in some form. Over the past decade, the number of journals […]

The Power of Words

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Say what you will about the 45th President of the United States, but one thing he has accomplished is a new surge in reference […]

Reference Data Management Becoming More Popular

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The Health division of Wolters Kluwer has released a cloud-based reference data management (RDM) solution within its Health Language® platform. The new RDM offering provides the data […]

The Dystopian Genre

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Presidential elections signal many changes ahead for a country but no one really knows what those changes may lead to. This can instill many […]

New Appointments for University Libraries

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In a time when libraries are often considered archaic and outdated, it is refreshing to see educational facilities invest in the future of the […]

Don’t Get Tricked

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This weekend we celebrated a day of pranks, jokes, and trickery. Some people go to outlandish and extravagant efforts to pull pranks on others, […]

PLOS Launches Channels

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The Public Library of Science (PLOS) supports scientific communities wanting to broadly distribute research in open and accessible ways with their latest innovation, PLOS […]

Publishers Feel Left Behind

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A recent study analyzing digital transformation in the publishing industry found that 25 percent of publishers see themselves as “lagging” versus the rest of […]