Copyright Educational Opportunity

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Everyone needs a little help now and again. This time it comes from the Special Libraries Association (SLA) in the form of two webinars. […]

Attribution is Key

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Giving credit where credit is due is always proper form in research papers. When there are multiple authors and/or contributors, it is customary to […]

Who Will Be the Successor?

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James H. Billington, who had served as Librarian of Congress for the past 28 years, resigned his position on September 30. Appointed by Ronald […]

Rate Increase Sparks Debate

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The Public Library of Science (PLOS) has announced that they were hiking the price of publishing in PLOS ONE by $145, from $1350 to $1495–an increase of 11%. This […]

What Kind of Reader Are You?

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The battle between digital and print isn’t new and isn’t close to being settled. When it comes to reading on paper versus reading digitally, there […]