Deep Learning from Machine Learning

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What is deep learning? It is a branch of machine learning and it uses algorithms to process data and imitate the thinking process. DATAVERSITY brought […]

Educational Opportunity This Week

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“Artificial General Intelligence – When Can I Get It?” is the name of the webinar scheduled for Thursday, February 9th at 2:00 p.m. EST […]

New Acquisition, Greater Access

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Elsevier has announced their acquisition of  Plum Analytics from EBSCO Information Services. What does this mean for users? PR Newswire brought this interesting tidbit to our […]

Industry Giants Are Going All In On Graphic Databases

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Graph databases are no longer the new guy on the block. They continue to move into mainstream enterprise operations and some big name vendors […]

Predicting Behavior

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We have all experienced it. You are browsing a retail website but you don’t purchase anything. Later, the same day or after a week, […]

Semantics Plays a Role in Misnamings

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We have all been there. Our mother calls for one sibling and uses the wrong name, maybe even multiple times. In my family there […]

Educational Webinar on Semantic Web Technology

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CIMdata, Inc. is offering a free educational webinar titled, “Why Connected Intelligent Products Need Semantic Web Technology.” The webinar will take place on February […]

Cognitive Computing in Daily Life

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Cognitive computing is slowly becoming part of mainstream business culture since IBM’s introduction to Watson in 2011. The computing system built to compete against […]