Data Analytics in Context

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Nouns are important because they provide context to data. Nouns lay at the heart of all data-based planning and big data analytics. Collectively, nouns […]

Social Media and Deep Learning

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Facebook has released what they are calling a deep-learning-based text understanding engine that is designed to leverage neural network architectures. The ultimate goal is to […]

All You Need to Know About Data Graphs

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Add this conference to your “must attend” list for 2017. At Graphorum you will learn how property and semantic graphs work individually and together […]

Same Technology, New Purpose

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Expedia has launched Expedia Labs, a website showcasing travel technology that will enable developers to test their concepts and receive feedback from users. Travel Weekly […]

The Meaning of Meaning

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We talk a lot of about semantic technology and machine learning here. But what do they mean exactly? In linguistics, meaning has two distinct branches […]

Deep Learning Finds Ground

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After trying for decades to create computers capable of learning, researchers have developed complicated algorithms that allow computers to learn on a limited scale. […]

Finding the Content Fast

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NTENT recently announced the expansion of its next generation semantic search and natural language processing technologies to support the Russian language. Business Wire brought this […]