Streamlining Analysis

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The goal of semantic analysis is to decipher the intent or meaning behind a narrative. With the power of machine learning, this often involves […]

Semantic Technology In Play

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Expert System is partnering with MarkLogic Corporation so that their information management applications will be powered with cognitive capabilities. This interesting information came to us from Martech […]

Making Content Findable

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Improving patient outcomes, minimizing medical errors and reducing costs are worthy goals. The key to accomplishing all of these is data. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting news […]

Technology on the Road

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Mobile devices have become the primary computing platform in business. Smartphones and tablets generate and store more electronic records than ever before. This presents a […]

Can Cognitive Technology Improve Your Quality of Life?

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None of us truly know whether we’ll lose our cognitive acuity as we age. Genomics is identifying the factors that makes some people more susceptible to […]

Machine Learning is a Popular Commodity

Apple has recently purchased the machine-learning startup, Turi. Fortune magazine brought this interesting news to us in their article, “Apple Buys a Machine-Learning Startup For a […]

Partnership Brings Benefits

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Provider of natural language search functionality, Celebros has been named a Premier Technology Partner by Magento. Moving forward, Celebros will be recognized as the […]

The Machine Learning Future

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Machine learning is quickly becoming a common term in the enterprise software ecosystem. Its benefits include ease of adoption, deployment, and market maturity with strong […]

Natural Language Processing Learning Opportunity

Natural language processing (NLP) was once on the frontier of artificial intelligence (AI) as a research topic with low accuracy. Now it is rapidly becoming […]