Classifying What We Know

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Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and it is usually associated with rote memory. This is usually explained simply as […]

Taxonomy Learning Opportunity

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The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is offering a unique webinar to further your taxonomy knowledge. “Managing Mature Taxonomies: What We Are Working on Now” […]

Classifying the Storms

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Data classification exists everywhere, even in the weather. This interesting take on classification came to us from NBC2 out of Florida, in their article, […]

Finding Data Across Platforms

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With the dazzling array of services offered in the public cloud from analytics to artificial intelligence, the options have become irresistible. Or have they? […]

Nerdy Taxonomies

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Taxonomy or classification exists in all fields. They are not limited to science, economics, nature, etc. It may not always be called taxonomy, but […]

Best Practices in Records Management

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Records management hasn’t always been a priority. It isn’t sexy like semantic technology or machine-assisted indexing. However it is a necessity and one that needs […]

Taxonomy Boot Camp 2016

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This year’s Taxonomy Boot Camp is scheduled for November 14-15, 2016 in Washington D.C. If you have already registered then you are likely looking […]

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