Are You Going to the Taxonomy Cafe?

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The Special Libraries Association (SLA) seeks to prepare taxonomists for more advanced implementations. One way they are doing that at this year’s conference is to […]

Recent Acquisition Has Some Concerned About Access

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The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) has been acquired by Elsevier with the promise that it will be further developed with Mendeley, Elsevier’s scholarly […]

Book Signing at SLA 2016

There are many activities taking place at this year’s Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual conference that is being held June 12-14, 2016 in Philadelphia. Besides […]

Organizing Knowledge

Humans classify and categorize everything from types of writing instruments to breeds of animals. Marjorie Hlava in her Taxobook states “you could even say […]

Special Libraries Association Conference Features Taxonomy Cafe

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The Taxonomy Cafe is taking place at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual conference in just a few weeks. In this unique workshop, presenters will give […]

Come to the Taxonomy Cafe

We have already shared with you about The Taxonomy Cafe taking place at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual conference in June. In this unique […]

Taxonomies are Key to Findability

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Using SharePoint for document management is common to most organizations. Using it for records management is an obvious next step. CMS Wire brought this […]

The Taxonomy Cafe

In order to continue preparing Special Libraries Association (SLA) taxonomists for more advanced implementations, we have asked a number of people to share their […]

Taxonomies in the Publishing World

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The Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2016 annual conference is being held on June 12-14, 2016 in Philadelphia. There are many networking opportunities at SLA 2016 that […]