Important Roles in Technology

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The role of Data Scientist is as an intermediary between the business units and the IT department. A good data scientist explores, designs and […]

Deja Vu

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Haven’t we had this discussion many times before? Many times? The debate on whether reading “real” books, i.e. paper, is better than digital versions […]

Security Among Data Files

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Data security is always a concern and in light of the recent Yahoo data breach, it is forefront on everyone’s minds. Data storage security […]

What AI Brings to the Internet

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to advance on what seems like a daily basis. But has the web kept up with these […]

First Government Chief Information Security Officer

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As unlikely as it seems, President Obama recently named Gregory Touhill, a retired Air Force brigadier general, as the United States federal government’s first […]

Partnership for the Better

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The American Heart Association (AHA) is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an effort to further cardiovascular medicine with AWS cloud technology. Healthcare IT […]

Typography in the Digital Age

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Comic book nerds, typography nerds, and all those in the middle will find kinship with this topic. Fonts for every purpose have undergone significant […]

Artificial Technology is Improving Health Care

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Researchers at a Houston medical facility have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that reliably interprets mammograms. This technology has the potential to assist doctors […]

Records Management Every Day

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Any organization that uses information and generates records must have a process for preserving them for future access. This includes federal, state and local […]

The Future and Technology

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Earlier this year at the Ireland eGovernment Summit, one self-proclaimed digital leader challenged the assumption that technology always results in society’s improvement. The Irish Independent brought […]