Digital Changes Things

Digital transformation aims to automate an organization’s repetitive functions in a way that links systems and provides a more seamless experience to the end users. CMS […]

Securing the Data

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Cyber attacks and data breaches know no prejudice. They are willing and able to inflict their chaos on any type of business. So many […]

Personal Data Collection

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Monitoring and tracking of data is taking place on a global scale and a very personal one. With sleep trackers, activity monitors, heart monitors […]

Enterprise Data Governance Online Event

2016 is coming to a close so it is time to start filling your calendar for 2017, before someone else does it for you. […]

Data Modeling Features Added

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Alfresco Software recently announced they brought extensive data modeling features to its flagship Alfresco Activiti™ 1.5 BPM platform. This interesting information came to us from Yahoo […]

What the Future Holds

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Europe’s biggest software maker SAP is planning to heavily invest in products that help companies to connect everything from washing machines to cars to […]

Using Digital Technology for Efficiency

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Digital Science recently invested in a robotic cloud laboratory for life sciences. They brought this to our attention in their article, “Digital Science Invests in Transcriptic, […]

Change Continues

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Change is permeating business through the people, the processes and the technology. At this rate, we should reach perfection soon. CMS Wire brought this news to […]

Technology On The Go

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Mobile devices have become the primary computing platform in business. Smartphones and tablets generate and store more electronic records than ever before. This presents a […]

Convenience is Strategy

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Recently Facebook announced it was integrating food delivery in its app, allowing users to order delivery without actually logging out of Facebook. On the […]