Learning More About Data Through Analytics

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Cisco Systems recently announced it will focus more on software and analytics with its internet of things (IoT) platform to give users more data […]

IoT’s Role in the Future

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The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has changed the way business and individuals live and work in their daily lives. And it doesn’t seem to be […]

Data Analytics for Healthcare

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The American Heart Association and the Duke Clinical Research Institute has partnered to try out machine-learning techniques to find new ways to analyze data […]

The Science of Data

Data science is exploding in the data-driven world we live in. In concert, data analysis and business intelligence have grown in both value and […]

Managing Big Data Analytics

The increasing size of data sets for big data analytics makes it more possible and yet less cost prohibitive. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to […]

Analytics Trendsetters Listed

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Knowledge management publisher, conference organizer, and information provider recently released a list that outlines the top knowledge management companies and is compiled with input […]

Internet of Things Making Waves

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There have been many technological changes and advances over the past few decades, but none have had the impact on business and personal lives […]

The Power of Relationships

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No, this isn’t an article about dating or marriage. But the application might not be as different as you would think. The power of […]

Big Data Isn’t Always a Benefit

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During the current digital transformation that we as a society are experiencing, the creation and collection of large amounts of digital data is occurring. […]

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, oh my

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Edifecs has unveiled its Data Science Product Line with their flagship product, Smart Decisions. This is a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) platform […]