Digital Transformation

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Technology is almost always a good investment for government agencies, especially if they are looking to justify information technology (IT) modernization. This interesting information came […]

Analytics are Paving the Way

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Predictive analytics continues to evolve and offers new possibilities for predicting future events by studying past performance. With big data enabling data scientists to review […]

Webinar Provides Answers for Analytical Challenges

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“Improving Advanced Data Prep and Analytics in Spreadsheets” is the latest webinar for those who still rely on spreadsheets for advanced data preparation and analysis, but […]

The Value of Data

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There is revenue potential offered by data monetization for those who are able to identify it and willing to capitalize on it. This is particularly […]

Untapped Potential

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Interestingly enough, enterprises are using only about 25 percent of their unstructured data for insights and decision-making. A recent survey revealed this, as well as […]

It Takes a Team and a Leader

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A data warehouse is a system used for reporting and data analysis. It is considered a core component of business intelligence. Unfortunately in many cases, […]