Revolution in the Reference Section

April 30, 2015  
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Drama in the archival world? Who would have thought? You may have heard about the two archivists at University of Oregon who handed over close to 22,000 school records to an economics professor just for the asking. One archivist has since resigned. The remaining archivist was recently placed on administrative leave. There is a petition going to reinstate him and more than 100 University of Oregon professors have signed.

Giving Back

April 8, 2015  
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Student and former teacher, Elizabeth Charlton, who completed her Diploma in Records and Information Management with the Open Polytechnic last year, has been awarded the Ian McLean Wards Scholarship and plans to put it to good use.

Are You My Mummy?

January 6, 2015  
 Posted in indexing, metadata, News, Taxonomy is a searchable database of Ancient Egyptian animal mummies. The Animal Mummy Database search interface provides a good example of taxonomic facets. You can browse by Animal Type, Wrapping Type, or Museum.

Recording History

December 26, 2014  
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World War II veterans’ average age is roughly 91 years old. So it is past time to record their stories to be sure history is not lost. Officials in a Tennessee county are doing just that.

Big Data as a Tool for Historians

August 26, 2014  
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Big data has accumulated quite the reputation. Many possibly exaggerated claims have been made about its potential. Nothing short of saving lives and the universe, of course. But can it rewrite history?

History Just Got Bigger

August 4, 2014  
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EBSCO has increased the number of databases that are included in its policy for metadata sharing and technology collaboration partnerships with discovery vendors. A new total of 179 EBSCO full-text databases, as well as all 74 EBSCO full-text historical digital archives and all 550,000+ EBSCO eBooks will be available.

A Marriage of the Past and the Future

July 22, 2014  
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Katy Klettlinger became Licking County’s first records center coordinator in November 2008 to store and preserve public records. The position was one of solitude at first but now oversees three other full-time employees: one reference archivist and two imaging technicians. They preserve public records on paper, in electronic form and on microfilm.

Discovering the Right Information

July 11, 2014  
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Records and information management are a key function of any law firm. Depsite this fact, many professionals consider this portion of the office dispensable and replaceable. The good news is that the people who drive business within law firms see the benefit in a sound records management program.

Genealogy Work Takes an Odd Turn

April 22, 2014  
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We all know that the Mormon church is famous for genealogy and the indexing process to maintain such informative and detailed records. This new approach to indexing is interesting, to say the least.

Capturing the Past

March 7, 2014  
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Infolinx System Solutions is implementing Infolinx WEB for a state library and archives managing physical records from cradle to grave.

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