Preserving the Native Tongue

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Language is an art and many would say a dying art. Scientists estimate that at least 3,000 of the 6,900 languages currently spoken around the […]

The Value of History

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In Ireland 1922, Free State forces led the occupation of the Public Records Office of the Four Courts as part of the Battle of Dublin. As […]

Keeping Track of History with Semantic Technology

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Historians used to keep important information in their heads and then progressed to note cards and pieces of paper. Eventually official entries in record […]

What is JATS and Why Should I Care

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Search for “jats” and you will find two very distinct concepts:

14th Murrays Jat Lancers (Risaldar Major) by AC Lovett (1862-1919).jpg

This post doesn’t discuss the […]

Archivists Add Value

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The Society of American Archivists (SAA) Word of the Week is a weekly email produced by SAA’s Dictionary Working Group that defines new archives terms […]