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Grey Literature Conference Call for Papers

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This may feel really far away, but the GreyNet International 2018 conference or GL20 has been scheduled for December 3-4, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. […]

Bad Data to Good Data

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In today’s digital world, business users need easier ways to explore data, uncover new insights and make informed decisions instantly from any device. However, […]

Data Governance Might Be 2018’s Golden Child

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2017 brought us new data management technologies, increased focus on artificial intelligence, and many data trends that affected strategic efforts for businesses. What will impact […]

Data Scientists and Business Analysts

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and its “cousin” technology, machine learning, find themselves being utilized in a variety of circumstances and organizations. Though they cannot completely […]

iPaaS Brings it Together

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Data management and artificial Intelligence become unwitting partners in a new release of the Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) from Informatica. eWeek brought this interesting topic to our […]

Big Data and Analytics

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The amount of data that’s being created and stored on a global level is almost inconceivable, and it just keeps growing. Big data is […]

Management and Anlytics

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Data management and analytics software are often considered on opposite ends. When it comes to organizations upgrading their management and analytics solutions, they can […]

A Semantic Analysis of Constitutions

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Using big data analytics techniques, researchers at Dartmouth College have created a taxonomy of the world’s constitutions. This analysis is discussed in the EurekAlert! article “Big data creates family tree […]