Taxonomy of Horrors

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One of the biggest questions floating around every year in October is this: “What movies will you watch this month?”—or some derivative of that. All the major networks play their own hand-picked list of 25-50 “horror” movies all month long. Farms open their doors to a public that can roam around haunted barns and mazes; even the malls host their very own haunted houses (generally not advised for children). Many of these attractions are partly or fully inspired by horror films that over the generations have become staples every October.

Taxonomies – What Are They Good For?

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To make the search and browse capabilities of content, document or records management systems truly functional, we need to develop taxonomies. Whether it is a […]

Back to School

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Making content findable is our goal at Access Innovations. Of course, we are referring to technology and search queries in data that has been […]

Classifying Taxonomies

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“Classification” and “taxonomy” are two closely related words that some people find confusing. Both terms reflect the fact that we encounter large amounts of […]

True Taxonomists

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Within the world of taxonomy — the branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms — there are prolific people, and Raymond Hoser, an […]

Feeling Good About Taxonomies

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Many people look to meditation, yoga and other alternative methods to reduce their stress and bring calm to their personal lives. Meditation is also marketed […]

Sad Songs Say So Much

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It is not just teenage girls who like to listen to sad songs once in awhile. Sometimes it is that certain emotional quality that […]

Organization is Key

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Information professionals are learning that having a data classification process in place can make your data smart enough to know what to do with […]

Naming Conventions

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Taxonomy is the science of defining and naming groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics, and the practice and science of classification […]