To Everything There is a Season

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The passing of a year is marked by the change in the weather and the surrounding environment. This cycle is marked by the four […]

The Origins of Labor Day

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Every year in the United States, summer is unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day. The pools open, the BBQ grills are fired up and […]

Looking for Standards in Government IT

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Recently a group consisting of agency chief information officers (CIOs), Office of Management and Budget staffers and other federal IT experts released their report […]

Breaking Grounds

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I confess. I am in a not-so-secret deeply committed relationship with Joe, a.k.a. coffee, java, go juice, liquid energy.

I came to this relationship later […]

Big Picture Management

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What is information lifecycle management? It is the practice of applying certain policies to effective information management. This includes every phase of a record from its beginning […]

The Dog Days of Summer

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“It didn’t use to be this hot when I was younger.” I have heard that phrase for as long as I can remember. I […]

A Look at Women in Fiction

Over the years the availability of books and films that have improved upon the cliché roles women are given is getting better, though there […]

The Urge to Classify

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Why is classification so important to so many? That question could be answered from a few different angles, including a brief look at the […]

Your Very Own Taxonomy

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There are many places where taxonomy affects our lives, the least of which is certainly not where you choose to shop, as one couple recently […]

Provenance Based Classification Schemes

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Libraries don’t catalog government information like traditional collections. Traditional material is catalogued using a subject based classification system, such as the Dewey Decimal System […]