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Internal Strategy

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Organizational intranets are a major part of internal communications around the world. The responsibility for posting is housed in various locations, e.g., communications, information technology, human resources, and even the executive offices. There seems to be no standardization in technology or content management. What many do not realize is internal communications is far more than controlling the rumor mill or sharing the latest human resources policy. It is about strategy.

The Challenges of Search

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A new software product by BloomReach, Dynamic Duplication Reduction (DDR), seeks to resolve a constant challenge – duplicate content issues on web sites.

Learn More About Content Management

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The DITA Content Management Strategies conference has added Carl Yao, CSOFT’s Executive Vice President for Global Strategy, to their roster of presenters. The convention is […]

Webnodes Releases Version 4.0

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Webnodes has released Version 4.0 of their .NET based semantic content management system. The new release offers performance and scalability improvements, updated e-mail marketing module, and overhaul of the content editing experience for editors. The number of content objects the system can comfortably handle has increased.

Data Migration Streamlined by Partnership

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Sitecore has partnered with Kapow Software to make it easier for customers to migrate legacy content into Sitecore. This integration eliminates the time-consuming process of moving content into the CMS.

New Developer Tools Released

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Couchbase has released a developer preview of the Couchbase Server 2.0 document-oriented NoSQL database. Combining the elastic data management capabilities of its own Membase Server technology with the distributed indexing and querying capabilities of Apache CouchDB, Couchbase continues to mark its territory as a database specialist. Claiming to have produced the most widely deployed open source document database, Couchbase describes its offering as "bullet-proof" NoSQL database technology.

Liferay Community Edition 6.1

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Liferay Community Edition V6.1 has been released. It brings a significant list of new features, including some social activity applications, search improvements, some contextual relationship enhancing and user defined lists.