Securing the Data

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Cyber attacks and data breaches know no prejudice. They are willing and able to inflict their chaos on any type of business. So many […]

Protecting Data

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Yahoo announced last week that a massive data breach had taken place in 2014 when at least 500 million Yahoo accounts were stolen from […]

How Secure is the Data?

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Data security is always a concern, and in light of the recent Yahoo data breach, it is forefront on everyone’s minds. Data storage security […]

Protection from Cyber Attacks

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Data security is an ongoing concern regardless of what line of business you are in. Healthcare has faced recent cyber attacks using ransomware and now […]

The Cost of Data Breaches

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Data breaches are unfortunately becoming so common that the shock and alarm is fading away. It is even difficult to remember them all. Infamous breaches like […]

Identifying At-Risk Data

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A hacker scanning for unsecured databases was able to compromise at least 58.8 million records from Modern Business Solutions (MBS), a data management and […]

Time to Shore Up Security at Home

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Last week’s cyberattack that shut down many popular websites occurred in part with the use of smart devices. This interesting information came to us from […]

Data Breaches and Politics

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Data security is as important as ever. Cyber fraud and attacks seem to fill the headlines on a daily basis. In this political season, […]

Information Governance Provides Protection

By |September 8th, 2016|News|Comments Off on Information Governance Provides Protection

Law firms have an even more difficult job than in years past when it comes to protecting themselves from cyber attacks and data breaches. They […]