A Semantic Analysis of Constitutions

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Using big data analytics techniques, researchers at Dartmouth College have created a taxonomy of the world’s constitutions. This analysis is discussed in the EurekAlert! article “Big data creates family tree […]

AI Everywhere

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The typical pattern we see in technological advancement is an increase in performance, cost reduction, and increased public access after a new technology hits […]

Making Content Findable, Then and Now

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In the information science world, “indexing”  denotes various methods for organizing data so that it is easily searchable.  To a student, however, the word […]

Managing the Expectations

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The internet and computers in general have changed many things in the business world. Accounting is no longer done by hand, inventory is managed […]

Managing Unstructured Data

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Organizations rely on digitized unstructured data for insights in terms of business decisions. In this world of information overload, around 80% of data collected […]

Integrating Data

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Big data disruption has resulted in the need to rapidly integrate and exchange data of all types among disparate systems, applications and infrastructure. This […]

Fighting Back Against Hackers

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Sophisticated hackers often appear to be legitimate ones. Hackers have a growing and constantly evolving arsenal of attack methods, putting everyone with a connection to […]