Understanding Data

April 1, 2015  
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For some enterprises, big data analytics can be intimidating, but it is a refined discipline that delivers tangible insights. A social media approach to analytics could help enterprises get more value from their big data systems.

And the survey says…

March 12, 2015  
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The Ancient World Online (AWOL) blog is looking for academics who have used open data in their teaching to share their experiences. By conducting a mini survey to understand which portals, tools or repositories academics use to retrieve open datasets, they can better understand how this information is being used in teaching and learning in higher education. Have you taken the AWOL User Survey?

The White Paper is Here

March 2, 2015  
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Back when Steve Martin rejoiced in his name being in print and predicting things will start happening to him now, the reference to white pages was much different. KM World recently released a white paper on big data and though it contains helpful information to tackling the challenge that comes with the data explosion, they didn’t need to run through the streets declaring its arrival.

Better Analytics, Better Data

February 23, 2015  
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Cambridge Semantics and SPARQL City are collaborating to offer an integrated graph analytics solutions with semantic understanding to help enterprises get better understanding and value from big data.

Lost and Found

January 30, 2015  
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Yet again, another report about data security breaches at retailers and banks. America’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase, is one of the latest high-profile victims, and it is still reeling from this summer’s cyber attack that compromised 76 million household accounts. Law firms are not immune from this type of disaster. Recently a study reported that 15% of U.S. law firms experienced a security breach in 2012, either through hackers, a break-in, a web site exploit, or a lost or stolen computer or smartphone.

Partner With the Best

January 15, 2015  
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Data management technologies continue to evolve and offer new possibilities. Some are outstanding at offering new features and services, and some are less than satisfactory. There are many things to consider when previewing new data management technology.

Data for Data

September 9, 2014  
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Organizations constantly try to get their arms around an ever-increasing amount of data in their networks and in doing so, some are turning to metadata to more effectively manage their big data.

Sports Analysis in the Technology World

August 15, 2014  
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Sports and analytics go hand in hand. People are paid millions of dollars for the strategy that comes with data. The World Cup is no different. There are common denominators in the top teams and frequent flyers for those who consistently represent. Many people have tried to figure out how to wade through what is happening and create predictive tools for figuring out match outcomes.

Semantic Technology and Data Integration

August 12, 2014  
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Smartlogic recently released Semaphore 3.7 with assurance that this release provides even more accuracy in the massively improved information extraction capabilities.

The Size of the Data is the Challenge

August 5, 2014  
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Federal agencies manage on average 209 million records, or approximately 8.4 billion records for the entire federal government.

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