Thinking Outside the Data

May 2, 2014  
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The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters has released a preview of ScholarOne Web Services, a holistic approach to integration that will enable publishers to discover connections between shared research and ultimately streamline the publishing process.

The War On…Not Christmas

January 13, 2014  
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These past few months have brought us “the war on Christmas”, “the war on women”, and anything else the news would like to hype up to make us feel victimized. So when I saw the title of this article, I had to laugh. Information Week Government brought this to us in their article, “The War On Military Records.”

New TEMIS Purchase

December 18, 2013  
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TEMIS has acquired U.S.-based advanced analytics and visualization technology firm i3 Analytics. The latter provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) ‘Biopharma Navigator’ platform that charts the biopharma landscape based on open life sciences data. We found this article on Mr. Web in their article, “TEMIS Buys i3 Analytics.”

Facing the Challenge of Big Data

November 21, 2013  
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Big data has become those scary words few organizations want to hear, let alone discuss. However, many information professionals would like the opportunity to take on this challenge. The negotiation between the top and middle management seems to hold much progress at a standstill. Most CIOs have trouble working with big data themselves and they have little, or nothing, to offer to business users. CMSWire brought this situation to our attention in their article, “Cloudera Unveils Big Data Search, No Special Training Required.”

Don’t Be Cut Off From Your Data

November 13, 2013  
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This small town police records management crashing may not seem like breaking news, but if you were dependent on the information found in the records, you might think differently. Records management is a key part of any organization’s information technology strategy, or should be.

The Power and Gift of Knowledge

September 27, 2013  
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Education Secretary Arne Duncan appeared on the Colbert Report this week where he stressed the importance of both preschool and post-secondary education to host Stephen Colbert. Studies have shown there is a seven to one return on investment when children attend preschool.

Being Prepared for Migration

September 24, 2013  
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LinkTek Corporation has released their LinkFixer Advanced software that allows IT and Information Management professionals to move files into OpenText Content Server and automatically fix broken links, thereby helping to avoid data loss during the migration process.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

August 29, 2013  
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We have found the perfect job for someone who is in the information technology field and who loves baseball. Though that isn’t always a combination you think of together, the Cleveland Indians are seeking a Data Architect for Baseball Systems. This person will design, implement, and manage the Baseball Department’s information architecture.

Webinar Addresses Data Migration

August 6, 2013  
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Concept Searching is hosting a webinar along with Portal Solutions entitled, “84% of Migration Projects Fail – Getting it Right in SharePoint,” on August 22, 2013. The webinar will address SharePoint migration issues, information architecture and best practices to ensure migration does not result in the typical project over-runs, post-upgrade production issues and unanticipated down time.

The Security of Your Data

July 4, 2013  
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Confidentiality of data is always a concern. With the prevalence of the web, it only becomes more of a challenge to keep your data secure. Recently in Australia, this topic was addressed in parliament after an inquiry into why hundreds of highly sensitive Fitzgerald inquiry documents, including those detailing historic investigations into some high-profile Queenslanders, had been accidentally made available to the public. In addition, thousands of others had been inadvertently shredded.

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