Sports Analysis in the Technology World

August 15, 2014  
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Sports and analytics go hand in hand. People are paid millions of dollars for the strategy that comes with data. The World Cup is no different. There are common denominators in the top teams and frequent flyers for those who consistently represent. Many people have tried to figure out how to wade through what is happening and create predictive tools for figuring out match outcomes.

Semantic Technology and Data Integration

August 12, 2014  
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Smartlogic recently released Semaphore 3.7 with assurance that this release provides even more accuracy in the massively improved information extraction capabilities.

The Size of the Data is the Challenge

August 5, 2014  
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Federal agencies manage on average 209 million records, or approximately 8.4 billion records for the entire federal government.

Looking Closer at Data

August 1, 2014  
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Not all data is the same. We know this to be true. Sometimes there is just more to meet the eye, even if it is simple differences. For example, there is structured data and unstructured data.

Data Storage in Today’s Environment

July 28, 2014  
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We have all heard the story about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official who while under investigation for allegedly mistreating Tea Party groups seeking tax exemptions, lost copies of her emails when her hard drive crashed. There are many questions about this that come to mind, but the most practical one would be – why is she backing up emails on a PC? The government has what appears to be unlimited resources when it wants it, yet they don’t have such easily accessible technology as cloud storage?

Abundant Data

July 4, 2014  
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Abundance – the word of the year, maybe the decade. That is no different in the world of data. We have computers capable of processing the vast and complex data, and thanks to the clouds, our storage capabilities appear to be endless. But is this a false sense of security?

Data About Data

July 2, 2014  
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Metadata has become a common term, thanks to the National Security Agency (NSA) scandals. But in the end, metadata is described as “basic information about data.” This means it often accompanies other data in an interpretative role.

How much do you value your data?

July 2, 2014  
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In the world of finance, the term asset has a particular meaning. Though you can’t always put a dollar figure on data, few would argue that an organization’s data is not an asset. Just try to imagine not having the data or access to it, and how important it is just got real.

Smoothing the Way

July 1, 2014  
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Cambridge Semantics has released Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI) software to help enterprises rapidly understand and integrate information assets. This new software is designed to reduce integration timeframes and costs by a factor of 10.

Ever-Expanding Data

July 1, 2014  
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In an effort to reduce storage costs, the AIS Group is piloting a call recording application to ensure compliance with insurance regulations.

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