IBM’s Latest Release Comes with Many Promises

IBM has unveiled a new data science and machine learning platform with the promise from one executive stating it was “the most significant announcement […]

Not Too Late to Attend the Enterprise Data World Conference

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The 22nd Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference hosted by DATAVERSITY is scheduled for April 22-27, 2018 in San Diego. It is not too late to register.
EDW is […]

It is Time to Take Data Breaches Seriously

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There are no longer any surprises when it comes to the latest data breach announcements hitting the headlines. Is the commonality of this event […]

Managing Data and Money

Data is money. Managing money and data takes information. A recent study by MIT found big data is costing money to fix bad data. This information was brought to […]

Presenting Research Data

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A challenge for many researchers is how to present data in a useful and approachable way. Chemistry World brought this interesting information to our attention […]

Protecting Data Through Cloud Security

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Data breaches might quickly become one of the most commonly used word in the news if we continue at our current pace. The battle […]

Forecasting with Data

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Everyone wants to know about the future – what to expect, how to act and most importantly, how to prepare. Prescriptive analytics involves finding […]

Technology and the Environment

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Growing and relatively new concerns about climate change, pollution, and energy costs have prompted new focus on consumption and sustainability. In response to evolving […]

Fighting Back Against Ransomware

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Cyber security against data breaches these days are top of the list of priorities for most organizations. Microsoft has recognized that and is offering […]

Accessible Analytics

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Time is valuable in the world of business. Waiting to get critical data analyzed and presented in the form of an understandable report can […]