Abundant Data

July 4, 2014  
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Abundance – the word of the year, maybe the decade. That is no different in the world of data. We have computers capable of processing the vast and complex data, and thanks to the clouds, our storage capabilities appear to be endless. But is this a false sense of security?

Data About Data

July 2, 2014  
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Metadata has become a common term, thanks to the National Security Agency (NSA) scandals. But in the end, metadata is described as “basic information about data.” This means it often accompanies other data in an interpretative role.

How much do you value your data?

July 2, 2014  
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In the world of finance, the term asset has a particular meaning. Though you can’t always put a dollar figure on data, few would argue that an organization’s data is not an asset. Just try to imagine not having the data or access to it, and how important it is just got real.

Smoothing the Way

July 1, 2014  
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Cambridge Semantics has released Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI) software to help enterprises rapidly understand and integrate information assets. This new software is designed to reduce integration timeframes and costs by a factor of 10.

Ever-Expanding Data

July 1, 2014  
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In an effort to reduce storage costs, the AIS Group is piloting a call recording application to ensure compliance with insurance regulations.

Building Up The Data

June 27, 2014  
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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) add top humanities and social sciences journals to their searchable database.

Expanding Databases

May 7, 2014  
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EBSCO Information Services recently released Communication Source as a resource for communication research. Communication Source was developed from a merger of EBSCO databases, Communication and Mass Media Complete and Communication Abstracts (formerly published by SAGE).

Thinking Outside the Data

May 2, 2014  
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The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters has released a preview of ScholarOne Web Services, a holistic approach to integration that will enable publishers to discover connections between shared research and ultimately streamline the publishing process.

The War On…Not Christmas

January 13, 2014  
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These past few months have brought us “the war on Christmas”, “the war on women”, and anything else the news would like to hype up to make us feel victimized. So when I saw the title of this article, I had to laugh. Information Week Government brought this to us in their article, “The War On Military Records.”

New TEMIS Purchase

December 18, 2013  
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TEMIS has acquired U.S.-based advanced analytics and visualization technology firm i3 Analytics. The latter provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) ‘Biopharma Navigator’ platform that charts the biopharma landscape based on open life sciences data. We found this article on Mr. Web in their article, “TEMIS Buys i3 Analytics.”

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