Digital Wordsmithing

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With a passion for language, Erin McKean founded a nonprofit corporation and the world’s largest online dictionary. Wordnik is how the language guru and […]

New Trending Words Added to Oxford

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Three hundred words were recently added to OxfordDictionaries.com, which monitors current trends in the use of modern English. There appeared to be some trends […]

Word Lovers Unite

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I like words. I like how they make me feel. I like how they roll off my tongue. Words like filipendulous are phonetically fun to […]

New Words Added to the Oxford

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The Oxford English Dictionary recently released their list of added words as part of their June update to the more than 150-year old publication. This […]

How is your qi?

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Is qi a word? According to Word with Friends, yes. It is reported to be another spelling for chi. For hardcore Scrabble-ites, this can sometimes be a hard pillow to swallow. The purist resist words that are popular for those hard to use letters like q and z.

Blogging Terms Make it to the Big Time

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The Oxford Dictionary has added various digital terms, including "bloggable” to their infamous resource.