Semantic Technology Used in Climate Analysis

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Helsinki climate experts presented an action plan to render the city carbon neutral by 2035 and they used semantic technology as part of their […]

Adding Quality to the Data

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What do you call poor data hygiene? Bad BI? Machine learning is being used to clean up data management protocols. This interesting topic came […]

LIFE Imagines Indexed

LIFE magazine is using machine learning to organize over 4 million images from the LIFE magazine archives into an interactive encyclopedia. LIFE magazine was […]

Vector Language Modeling Used to Search Books

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Google’s new Semantic Experiences uses word vectors to search over 100,000 books for contextually related statements and points out passages that provide answers. Tech […]

Safeguarding the Data

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The upsurge of digital transformation is creating a greater cyber threat for India. To safeguard its critical assets from perilous cyber attacks, India needs […]

Digital or Retail: Selecting Books Have Changed

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Bookstores’ footprints, business concepts and strategies have morphed over the past few decades in very drastic ways. Founder Jeff Bezos first launched Amazon as […]

It is Time to Take Data Breaches Seriously

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There are no longer any surprises when it comes to the latest data breach announcements hitting the headlines. Is the commonality of this event […]

Technology and the Environment

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Growing and relatively new concerns about climate change, pollution, and energy costs have prompted new focus on consumption and sustainability. In response to evolving […]