Saving History

September 22, 2014  
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With a very disconcerting question – what would happen if the Pope’s library were accidentally burnt? – an important subject is being discussed. No one wants to hypothetically contend a situation as dire as that, but it is possible. So if indeed, destruction happened, how can we reconstruct history?

The Value of Information Professionals

September 11, 2014  
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Information professionals are often the last person brought onto projects involving digital asset management teams and other project teams where it would seem obvious to everyone that they are needed. They bring a perspective that connects everyone’s interest and investment in the final outcome.

Video Contest Can Win Your Library Grant Money

September 11, 2014  
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Do you have best practices or essential advice to share when it comes to rolling out evidence-based practice resources at your organization?

Preserved Until When

September 11, 2014  
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Records management up to this point has been straightforward – preserve certain categories of paper records for time periods according to a retention schedule determined by applicable legal rules.

E-Books and the Evolution of Publishing

September 8, 2014  
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Not that long ago, getting published was the big hurdle for a writer to overcome. You could produce all you wanted, but unless you knew how to get somebody to read your random submission, or you were rich enough to self-publish, your writing lived in a drawer, waiting for you to give it to a friend who doesn’t want to read it.

It’s hard to believe how fast technology has opened publishing up to people. Now, anyone with an opinion has a platform, and while it’s as tough as ever to make a living writing, the platform, in many cases, is totally free. So that changes the hurdle from publication to recognition. If everybody has a voice, how do you get heard?

Research Articles Needed for Conference

September 4, 2014  
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Research articles are being accepted for the Second International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and
Information Technology – CCIT 2014 organized by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED) at University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. This event brings together innovative academics and industrial experts to a common forum.

Protecting the Assets

August 27, 2014  
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Evolphin Software has launched the next generation of its enterprise-class software solution, Zoom 5.0, which was built from the ground up on Evolphin’s patent-pending RevDB (NoSQL) database architecture – optimized to handle massive structured and unstructured digital content.

Digitization is Here

July 25, 2014  
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The Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is concerned that organizations are not properly prepared for the world of digitization that has arrived. This interesting information came from Image and Data Manager in their article, “Are you in control of your records?” Extraordinary amounts of time and funds go into managing business databases and other corporate […]

Reducing Redundancy

July 23, 2014  
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The United States Navy plans to deploy a prototype enterprise-wide records and task management software system designed to replace redundant systems.

Digitizing Preserves Valuable Data

July 16, 2014  
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The volume and rapid growth of data, which can be overwhelming for information managers, have completely changed the approach and risk to records management. Mistakes can result in financial implications.

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