Making Digital Content Findable

November 20, 2014  
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A National Institutes of Health (NIH) program is planned to consolidate a massive amount of scattered biomedical research data. It was recently announced that the program will include the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, which received a $9.2 million grant.

Following the Lead

November 19, 2014  
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We have talked a lot lately about digital projects. In today’s increasingly digital world, it is important that the American public has access to all appropriate federal government communications to improve transparency and increase trust.

Reviving the Past

October 17, 2014  
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Digitizing documents is a daunting task, especially when those documents are ancient.

Moving Away from the Book

October 16, 2014  
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When library design consultant, Aaron Schmidt, declared on Twitter that when creating logos and visual identity packages for libraries he wanted no likenesses of books, it might have been an “ah ha” moment for many.

Digital Metadata Librarian Position Available

October 15, 2014  
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We are always excited to share with our readers career opportunities in the world of taxonomy, metadata, and semantic technology. Even if you aren’t in the market for a career move, it is good to stay on top of what is available and how the fields are changing.

Saving History

September 22, 2014  
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With a very disconcerting question – what would happen if the Pope’s library were accidentally burnt? – an important subject is being discussed. No one wants to hypothetically contend a situation as dire as that, but it is possible. So if indeed, destruction happened, how can we reconstruct history?

Video Contest Can Win Your Library Grant Money

September 11, 2014  
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Do you have best practices or essential advice to share when it comes to rolling out evidence-based practice resources at your organization?

Preserved Until When

September 11, 2014  
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Records management up to this point has been straightforward – preserve certain categories of paper records for time periods according to a retention schedule determined by applicable legal rules.

E-Books and the Evolution of Publishing

September 8, 2014  
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Not that long ago, getting published was the big hurdle for a writer to overcome. You could produce all you wanted, but unless you knew how to get somebody to read your random submission, or you were rich enough to self-publish, your writing lived in a drawer, waiting for you to give it to a friend who doesn’t want to read it.

It’s hard to believe how fast technology has opened publishing up to people. Now, anyone with an opinion has a platform, and while it’s as tough as ever to make a living writing, the platform, in many cases, is totally free. So that changes the hurdle from publication to recognition. If everybody has a voice, how do you get heard?

Research Articles Needed for Conference

September 4, 2014  
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Research articles are being accepted for the Second International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and
Information Technology – CCIT 2014 organized by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED) at University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. This event brings together innovative academics and industrial experts to a common forum.

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