New Digitization Project Increases Access

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Northern Illinois University recently announced a new digitization project in their release,”University Libraries awarded more than $448,000 for digitization project.”

The Council on Library and […]

Health IT Content Strategies Gets Some Help

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HIMSS Media recently launched the Media Lab to deliver content strategies for healthcare technology audiences. The Media Lab applies a scientific approach to better […]

Gatekeeper of Information

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Records management is a tough job for any organization of any size. Imagine now if you were the one responsible for the new presidential […]

Document Retention in the Digital World

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Document retention is always a challenge. What stays, what goes and what is critical to retain for the long-term? Smart Business brought this news to […]

Keeping Data Close

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With all the fear of data security lapses and breaches, it is surprising to find that data on a mobile device is quite possibly […]

Define Ownership

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When it comes to digital content, the ownership issue gets grayer and grayer. This interesting information came to us from Copyright and Technology in their […]

Archiving the Past for the Future

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1.2 million volunteers worldwide contribute to the FamilySearch indexing program, which brings billions of historical records to life. NewsOK out of Oklahoma brought this information […]

Machine Learning Technology Used to Forecast

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BreezoMeter has announced the addition of air quality forecasting and pollen dispersion data, based on its proprietary machine learning algorithm, to its API. The company is […]

Digital’s Impact on Publishing

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Few other industries have undergone as much change as publishing has in recent years. On top of that, customer service demands continue to rise. This […]