Inside Data Breaches

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Data breaches spiked by 86 percent in 2016 with over 1.4 billion records being compromised. Hackers, cyber criminals and other malicious outsiders were responsible for just […]

Hybrid Content Management

Digital is replacing paper in many situations. Whether it be in the doctor’s office, the source of your news, or the way you pay […]

Changing the Paradigm

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Communications, television and digital entertainment are facing challenges not unlike those in the world of publishing. Ratings declines, advertising weakness and financial support quickly […]

Digital Catalog Records Now Accessible

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Valuable information is stored in the treasure trove of library catalogs. They are important to making information findable, particularly as the amount of information expands […]

Changing Priorities in Academic Research

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Publishers are experiencing a shift in priorities when it comes to the structure of academic research. This is not a local issue, but a […]

Technology in Health Care

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The health care debate continues to rage. Whether you call it Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, or TrumpCare, the current proposals in Congress to change […]

Managing Change

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Change is inevitable. It is comforting to know that managing digital archives and record keeping in times of change is not a challenge we […]

Digital Wordsmithing

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With a passion for language, Erin McKean founded a nonprofit corporation and the world’s largest online dictionary. Wordnik is how the language guru and […]

The Dictionary to the Rescue

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Who knew in this day and age of digital, semantic and virtual technologies that the dictionary would turn out to the hero of the […]