Indexing History, Capturing Time

June 4, 2014  
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Historic audio and video footage is undergoing cataloguing and indexing as it gets closer to being fully integrated into the Visual History Archive. J. Michael Hagopian’s collection of 400 interviews of Armenian Genocide survivors and witnesses was handed over to the USC Shoah Foundation from the Armenian Film Foundation in an effort to preserve and integrate the collection.

Confetti City

May 16, 2014  
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When you hear National Shredding Day do images of Wall Street scandals come to mind? Good, I am not alone. That is what I immediately thought of when I read about the first ever free shredding day in the UK. More than two tons of paper was shredded in Enfield Town in an effort to dispense of unwanted paperwork.

The End of an Era

May 15, 2014  
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The future of the more than 130-year old Oxford English Dictionary (OED) may be moving to cyberspace. The sheer number of English words put into use since the 20-volume, second edition was published in 1989 could make version 3.0 too big and too expensive to print. The next edition is expected to be at least twice the size of the last. Because of this, it may be published digitally only.

New Age of Records Management

May 14, 2014  
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Records management is coming out of the closet and embracing technology as they march into the future. They have been viewed as an administrative requirement, afterthought, and cumbersome task for quite sometime. Now the value of records management is finally being recognized.

Digital Preservation Requires Structure

May 8, 2014  
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India’s Ministry of Communications and IT has announced the Standard for Preservation Information Documentation of Electronic Records. This move to standardize the preservation of digital records across government agencies will ensure that electronic records are produced in a preservable manner.

Genealogy Work Takes an Odd Turn

April 22, 2014  
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We all know that the Mormon church is famous for genealogy and the indexing process to maintain such informative and detailed records. This new approach to indexing is interesting, to say the least.

Digitizing Microscopic Creatures

April 18, 2014  
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The soil fauna collection is housed in the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Görlitz. Like most other natural history museums, the tiny creatures are embedded in a water-soluble medium and mounted on slides to be studied under a light microscope, described in minute detail, accurately identified and catalogued. But with this method, the specimens only have a limited lifespan, and entire collections are at risk.

Capturing the Past

March 7, 2014  
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Infolinx System Solutions is implementing Infolinx WEB for a state library and archives managing physical records from cradle to grave.

The Devil is in the Details

March 6, 2014  
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Implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system can be challenging. Many factors pose hurdles of varying degrees: asset ingestion, building the database, relevant and descriptive metadata, to name a few. It is key to make the assets descriptive enough to make them worth the time to search and find them.

Digitizing Government Records

February 26, 2014  
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The first modern Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS) center is working in Taxila tehsil. All land records of the entire tehsil will be digitized, which will create conveniences in transfer of properties and getting revenue documents.

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