Middle of the Road

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There has long been a debate between traditional paper book readers and those that embraced digital reading through various versions of e-readers. There are more than […]

Digital Shakespeare?

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Digital content is everywhere. According to a recent survey, sixty-two percent of school districts have digital content and curriculum strategy, and more than half of […]

Data Management from the Top

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Changes are coming to how the government handles emails and digital content. Mandates from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) require agencies to […]

Following Data to the Bank

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There is revenue potential offered by data monetization for those who are able to identify it and willing to capitalize on it. This is particularly […]

It is an Uphill Battle

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Change is not for the lighthearted. Just ask anyone in the publishing business. Today change is occurring faster than it ever has before. Technology’s […]

Digital vs. Paper

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It feels like a deja vu. Haven’t we had this discussion many times before? The debate on whether reading “real” books, i.e. paper, is […]

Digital Hub Attracts International Start-ups

Many companies are viewing Ireland as a starting point for accessing Europe. Just recently five new tech companies representing Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, the […]

Wearing Technology

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Fitbits and Apple watches are a common sight, but today’s wearables are expected to look quite different in the future. This interesting information came from […]