Tightening the Security Reins

October 23, 2015  
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California is known for many things – sun, beach, wine – the list goes on and on. But now they will be known for their digital privacy laws, most especially how progressive they are. This interesting information came from WIRED in their article, “California Now Has the Nation’s Best Digital Privacy Law.” The Electronic Communications Privacy […]

Access to Digital Data

October 23, 2015  
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What is information governance? Basically, it bridges the gap between those who manage data and those who use it. This interesting explanation came from Baseline in their article, “Information Governance Is Key to Big Data’s Value.” The records and information management role has transformed from organizing paper records to managing digital records, which contain much more […]

Register Early, Save Money

October 22, 2015  
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The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) has opened up the Early Bird Registration for their annual conference scheduled for February 21-23, 2016 in Philadelphia. Acknowledging the changes that have taken place in the world of publishing, data, and information sciences, this event will celebrate the scholarly content that reflects emphasis on collaborative work, global […]

The Impact of e-Books

October 21, 2015  
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With e-books continuing to rise in popularity, it isn’t surprising that the number of print book readers has dropped from the previous year. What is surprising is that the number of e-book readers has remained flat. Does this mean that book readers in general have decreased in numbers? This interesting information was brought to us by […]

Managing Multiple Assets

October 20, 2015  
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As digital assets continue to grow, a significant percentage of those assets are videos. All too often, users have a hard time finding the content they need and in the proper format. Searching for an asset efficiently and with the assurance that you have the most recent version, can be a challenge. What is the solution? […]

Digital Publishing Educational Opportunity

September 23, 2015  
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The PSP Committee for Digital Innovation (CDI) is introducing another Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Digital Publishing. In this series of seminars, speakers will explore the major challenges to serving today’s scholars, the common mistakes that well-meaning publishers make, and tested strategies for delivering precisely the right content when, where, and how users need it. […]

What Kind of Reader Are You?

September 16, 2015  
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The battle between digital and print isn’t new and isn’t close to being settled. When it comes to reading on paper versus reading digitally, there are more than two camps. This interesting topic came to us from The Digital Reader in their article, “Could the Future of Reading be Text Plus Audio?” Many studies have been […]

Publishing World Power Shift

September 15, 2015  
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It seems that the publishing industry has always looked at e-books as a “lesser than” or “second-class” resource. It is understandable considering the impact on their day to day business and bottom dollar e-books and e-readers have been responsible for. The Wall Street Journal brought this interesting piece of news to our attention in their article, […]

Looking At Data Differently

September 10, 2015  
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A unique exhibit is coming to Chicago soon that could give you a different perspective on science, literally. Maybe you are interested in seeing science from above? Or curious to see what impact one single person or invention can have? Inspired by innovation? Desperately seeking tools to better manage the information flood? Maybe you are simply […]

Peer Recognition

September 9, 2015  
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The National Archives has been recognized by its professional peers for helping to define the key skills needed by digital information managers. The Mandarin brought this news to our attention in their article, “Archives awarded for defining digital information management.” The National Archives of Australia has won an accolade for its contribution to defining the key […]

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