Parsey What?

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Google has been promoting natural language understanding with the open-sourcing of SyntaxNet, a neural network framework, and Parsey McParseface. This interesting information came to us from […]

Black and White

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After testing a new color for its search result links, Google has settled on black. This interesting information came to us from Mashable in their […]

Search Technology Continues to Evolve

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Google’s RankBrain is a machine learning system that, along with other algorithm factors, helps to determine what the best results will be for a specific query set. […]

Google Leadership Shuffle

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Looking for a new job? Amit Singhal, Alphabet/Google’s senior vice president of search is retiring. This interesting news came to us from Seeking Alpha in their article, […]

Google Expands Data Centers

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Google is planning to build another data center in Clarksville, Tennessee. This will make the eighth data center for the technological giant. This interesting information came […]

Technology Predictions for the New Year

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Every year at the Gartner Symposium, a list of top technology trends are predicted for the year to come. These aren’t meant to be […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Social Media Realm

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Twitter is making artificial intelligence efforts a priority. They are seeking experts to fill out a new team called ‘Cortex.’  Business Insider brought this […]

Google Brings Changes

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A couple weeks ago, Google changed its algorithm to give preference to 'mobile-friendly' sites when users perform a search on a mobile device. The change was coined as 'Mobilegeddon' because of the potential to bury websites that haven't been optimized to display correctly on various sizes of mobile devices, while also boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly sites.