Semantic Activity

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At the beginning of the year, one author predicted that 2012 would be the year of the semantic web. At the half-way point he is revisiting that to see where those predictions stand now.

Social Media and Security – Not Always Enemies

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Recently at the Le Web – an Internet event in Europe, Google guru, Eric Schmidt spoke about the future being social, local and mobile. What does this mean? More Facebook? More smartphone apps? More Foursquare?

Large Data Sets and Ever Changing Terminology

Indexing enables accurate, consistent retrieval to the full depth and breadth of the collection. This does not mean that the statistics-based systems the government loves so much, will go away but, they are learning to embrace the addition of taxonomy terms as indexing.

Another Social Network?

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Google+ has not overtaken social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but it is turning heads. Already hundreds of Facebook users from India are on Google+ via a beta testing phase.

Google and Bing Back At It

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Only a few months after accusing Microsoft’s Bing of copying their search results, Google was found to be indexing millions of image thumbnails from Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Search as Big Brother, Molding What You See and Think

A recent TED presentation is by Eli Pariser. He is the author of “The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You.” A new and very interesting book. His talk is a synopsis of how the Google personalization algorithms effect search results. Google results are influenced by your own search history and other online activity. Any system such as Amazon, Yahoo, Bing ebay shopping systems depend heavily on personalization to serve you results. Traditional databases do not use profiles (yet) but they are often based on Verity, Vivisimo, Autonomy, Fast and other mathematically based search software so they could and they do serve up different results whenever the vectors are reset - that is every time additional data is added to the system with updates or metadata enrichment.

Lucid Imagination Joins the SharePoint Crowd

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In a familiar story, we learned that Lucid Imagination released an update to their LucidWorks Enterprise product this week that includes a way of connecting the search tool directly to SharePoint repositories.

Search Optimization – Beneficial?

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Universal search – useful tool for making Web searches more contextual or too complex for overall search engine optimization? Getting a good ranking in universal search results can help boost a company's overall search visibility and brand awareness, but many b2b marketers aren't taking advantage of it. Why?