Words Can Be a Lifelong Career

A 76-year old lexicographer continues working with his passion of the English language and all the intricacies that come along with it. He compiles […]

The Dictionary to the Rescue

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Who knew in this day and age of digital, semantic and virtual technologies that the dictionary would turn out to the hero of the […]

Spell What?

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A colleague and I were discussing spelling bees at lunch just today. As a long time fan and childhood participant, I enjoy watching them, […]

Linguistic Challenges in Foreign Languages

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Linguistic traps can be embarrassing and horrific, depending on the guffaw. It could result in more than embarrassment over using the wrong verb when […]

Taxonomy of a Taco

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Tacos have been on my mind lately with Cinco de Mayo coming up (or rather, gone, since this will be posted afterwards). I love […]

No Taxation Without Taxonomy

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It isn’t every day that the word “taxonomy”┬áis used in a protest. However, thousands of scientists worldwide took to the streets to rail against […]

The Dystopian Genre

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Presidential elections signal many changes ahead for a country but no one really knows what those changes may lead to. This can instill many […]

Don’t Get Tricked

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This weekend we celebrated a day of pranks, jokes, and trickery. Some people go to outlandish and extravagant efforts to pull pranks on others, […]

Semantics Plays a Role

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In my family, there are several names beginning with “M” and it is inevitable when my mother calls for one, she usually goes through […]

New Trending Words Added to Oxford

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Three hundred words were recently added to, which monitors current trends in the use of modern English. There appeared to be some trends […]