History is Repeating Itself

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Nintendo went retro in a new technology kind of way when they released the runaway success Pokemon GO. This is one of Nintendo’s first […]

Facebook Patents Slang Dictionary

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Facebook recently received a patent that is getting a little attention. It is a piece of software that scans the social media site for emerging terms […]

AI Working With Social Media

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I am not sure this qualifies as a huge accomplishment in the world of science and technology, but thanks to a new app called Dango, […]

The Semantics of Words

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Do you have one of those friends who has words they can’t stand to hear? Or maybe you are one who shudders at hearing […]

Just Another Day

April Fools’ Day brings memories of prank calls to your neighbors, short sheeting the beds of your siblings, and fake blood to scare your mother. What […]

How High?

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You know I enjoy finding the odd and/or reclusive taxonomy or classification. Besides bringing a smile to my face, they remind us that classifying […]

Taxonomy of Leprechauns: A Non-Authoritative Guide
As befits any imaginary subject, there is no authoritative taxonomy of Leprechauns; like dragons, affordable housing in San Francisco, and happy SharePoint users–they do […]

Classifying Men Who Classify Women

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This past week was the annual celebration of International Women’s Day around the world. Many different recognition events and articles lifted up historical and […]

Groundhog Day: Names and Recursions

I’m sure you’re all just like me and waiting anxiously to hear the results from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, whence this very day we will find […]