Managing Data as an Asset

August 5, 2014  
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Evolphin Software has launched the next generation of its enterprise-class software solution, Zoom 5.0, which was built from the ground up on Evolphin’s patent-pending RevDB (NoSQL) database architecture – optimized to handle massive structured and unstructured digital content.

History Just Got Bigger

August 4, 2014  
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EBSCO has increased the number of databases that are included in its policy for metadata sharing and technology collaboration partnerships with discovery vendors. A new total of 179 EBSCO full-text databases, as well as all 74 EBSCO full-text historical digital archives and all 550,000+ EBSCO eBooks will be available.

To Infinity and Beyond

August 1, 2014  
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Records management up to this point has been straightforward – preserve certain categories of paper records for time periods according to a retention schedule determined by applicable legal rules.

Good Governance in Recordkeeping

July 30, 2014  
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Many industries, including law firms, still struggle to incorporate the basics of records management systems. Though some look on it as an archaic form of organization – digitization and technology have made it today’s answer to findability — if done properly.

Indexing Challenge Accepted and Bested

July 24, 2014  
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FamilySearch International recently announced a worldwide crowdsourcing challenge aimed at establishing a new record for the most volunteer indexing participants online in a single day.

Reducing Redundancy

July 23, 2014  
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The United States Navy plans to deploy a prototype enterprise-wide records and task management software system designed to replace redundant systems.

A Marriage of the Past and the Future

July 22, 2014  
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Katy Klettlinger became Licking County’s first records center coordinator in November 2008 to store and preserve public records. The position was one of solitude at first but now oversees three other full-time employees: one reference archivist and two imaging technicians. They preserve public records on paper, in electronic form and on microfilm.

Records Management At Its Best

July 17, 2014  
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Instead of the intimidating task of barcoding and physically storing almost 200 years worth of court and land transaction paperwork, a New York county administration chose to invest in a Laserfiche document processing system.

Discovering the Right Information

July 11, 2014  
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Records and information management are a key function of any law firm. Depsite this fact, many professionals consider this portion of the office dispensable and replaceable. The good news is that the people who drive business within law firms see the benefit in a sound records management program.

The Value of Good Recordkeeping

July 10, 2014  
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The new streamlined records management standard is simpler to use, making it easier for public sector organizations to maintain and keep essential records, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Peter Dunne.

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