Preserved Until When

September 11, 2014  
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Records management up to this point has been straightforward – preserve certain categories of paper records for time periods according to a retention schedule determined by applicable legal rules.

Keys to Findability

September 10, 2014  
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Many industries, including law firms, still struggle to incorporate the basics of records management systems. Though some look on it as an archaic form of organization, digitization and technology have made it today’s answer to findability. Of course this only applies when it is done properly.

The Taxonomy of New Life

September 8, 2014  
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After all these years, decades, and centuries, new living organisms are being identified. The hope that new life brings as other animal species are becoming extinct reassures us that it is after all, an evolution. At least twelve new species of butterflies/moths have been identified just this month.

Finding the Proverbial Needle

September 8, 2014  
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New technologies are responsible for the electronic storage of information. Interestingly enough, though, 90% of businesses are still storing documents in paper format, according to a study by JSE-listed storage management provider Metrofile.

Taxonomy of Artistic Value

September 4, 2014  
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Whether you prefer him as Dirty Harry, Josey Wales or silent behind the camera powerfully directing Hilary Swank and Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood is a taxonomy unto himself. One can take a unique approach to categorizing things, depending on what is your purpose.

Bringing Order to Browsing

September 2, 2014  
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When I discovered this I admit, I was excited and overwhelmed simultaneously. I love books. I love reading. My stack of “plan to reads” are quickly becoming taller than myself. But I confess, sometimes I get overwhelmed in a book store and then browsing online…oy!

Digitizing Life

September 1, 2014  
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Everyone, and I mean everyone is digitizing records these days. We report frequently on county and state governments indexing property and criminal records, other countries indexing land ownership records, and of course the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and their mission to document all family history, ancestry, and genealogy.

Big Data as a Tool for Historians

August 26, 2014  
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Big data has accumulated quite the reputation. Many possibly exaggerated claims have been made about its potential. Nothing short of saving lives and the universe, of course. But can it rewrite history?

Open Access Journals Become Available

August 20, 2014  
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The publisher Brill has announced a new suite of open access journals covering four major disciplines – Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, and Biology. These journals will offer a pure open access environment. Each journal will be divided in sections that align with the major subject areas in the discipline.

Consuming Data is Big Business

August 14, 2014  
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Informatica Corporation has been chosen by Forrester Research as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Tools, Q2 2014.

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