The Power of Metadata

October 23, 2014  
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The publishing industry has long been reliant on digital information to sell books in all formats. More and more, publishers are considering the tools they use to manage the publishing process. Their challenges include inefficient tools, often requiring replication of work to process what is essentially the same data for different uses.

Classifying Men?

October 22, 2014  
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I am still surprised at the variety of taxonomies I found and I typically find them in the oddest places. This one came from ECNS in their article, “Male outcast taxonomy.” Though not a true taxonomy, its classification efforts are as unique as the topic.

Classifying Similarities

October 21, 2014  
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What does legal jurisdictions and leprechauns have in common? More than one might think. In the world of classification, words like extinct and endangered could be applied to both and many more genres.

Taxonomy Classification of Internet Access

October 17, 2014  
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An interesting classification scheme draft was posted on October 6 by the Internet Engineering Task Force. You can view it here. The Alternative Network Deployments. Taxonomy and characterization draft-manyfolks-gaia-community-networks-01 deals with available technologies (including alternative ones for use in developing countries) for Internet access.

Reviving the Past

October 17, 2014  
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Digitizing documents is a daunting task, especially when those documents are ancient.

Difference is Appreciated

October 10, 2014  
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My mother is full of musings and witticisms. I should start my own blog just listing them but hence, no time. However, one of her favorite sayings especially when I was in my teen years and wanting everything everyone else had, was “imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same?” Now in my forty-something years I see the wisdom and truth in those words. I admire uniqueness and sometimes stubbornness in others and myself. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I like being the unique being that is me.

Unlocking the Classification of Plants

October 10, 2014  
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Linnaeus originally began designing and developing his taxonomic system by studying and classifying plants. This is the core, the foundation of the science and art of taxonomies today.

Studying the Classifications

October 7, 2014  
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Fashions and fads are influential by nature. They have also been used recently as a source of data to test models of cultural dynamics. By looking at the impact of mass media on popular culture, the study considers how much of an influence it has had in the popularity of dog breeds for family pets as well as marketing tools.

Segue Into Spelling

October 6, 2014  
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Segue is an odd word. It’s conjugated versions defy normal grammar and spelling rules, i.e. segueing, segued, etc. Pronunciation is a whole new challenge as many understand the meaning and use it in day to day conversation, but when it comes time to spell it — that is a whole different story.

Classifying History

October 3, 2014  
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The American Historical Association (AHA) recently put together a draft revision of its taxonomy of the discipline and is inviting comment from members as it moves toward a final form of the document. The deadline for comment is September 30.

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