Making Digital Content Findable

November 20, 2014  
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A National Institutes of Health (NIH) program is planned to consolidate a massive amount of scattered biomedical research data. It was recently announced that the program will include the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, which received a $9.2 million grant.

Enhanced Ways to Find Enhanced Data

November 18, 2014  
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Researchers at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health are building the world’s most comprehensive database describing human and animal pathogens.

Crosses All Trends

November 17, 2014  
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Records management is coming out of the closet and embracing technology as it marches into the future. It has been viewed as an administrative requirement, afterthought, and cumbersome task for quite some time.

Google and Health Care?

November 14, 2014  
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Google’s latest adventure could change health care and medicine as well as add a whole new avenue of work. Google’s Head of Life Sciences, Andrew Conrad, recently announced that the company is building a nano particle platform that could one day be used to continuously measure a person’s health through ingestible nano particles.

Marathon Indexing Project

October 30, 2014  
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AMCAD has started working on a document management project with Arizona’s Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court. The plan is to scan and index approximately five million images in six months’ time. This monumental task is part of a larger long-term records management strategy for the Clerk of the Superior Court.

Automation Solutions

October 28, 2014  
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A recent survey conducted by SOA Software indicates that a large percentage of biopharma companies are seeking metadata management technology solutions. Currently, only 10% of them actually have a technology solution in place.

Classifying Risk

October 27, 2014  
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Gauging risks and hedging your bets is not just a necessary task by all organizations, but is a business unto itself. RiskBusiness International Limited is the leading international operational risk advisory and solutions firm. They recently released a new risk classification taxonomy. This interesting topic came to us from the blog Bob’s Guide, in the post, “RiskBusiness releases new risk taxonomy.”

A Different Approach for Some

October 24, 2014  
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Perspective is key as we hear time and time again. How one person or group of people look at a situation is likely very different from those on the other side of the coin. This is true with taxonomies as well. Who builds them and the perspective they bring to the project is key to its success or failure. The Financial Times brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Where new ideas take root.”

The Power of Metadata

October 23, 2014  
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The publishing industry has long been reliant on digital information to sell books in all formats. More and more, publishers are considering the tools they use to manage the publishing process. Their challenges include inefficient tools, often requiring replication of work to process what is essentially the same data for different uses.

Classifying Men?

October 22, 2014  
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I am still surprised at the variety of taxonomies I found and I typically find them in the oddest places. This one came from ECNS in their article, “Male outcast taxonomy.” Though not a true taxonomy, its classification efforts are as unique as the topic.

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