Indexing for the Semantic Web

Diffbot announces a new structured database that can automatically sort the web into human-like categories of knowledge. Marketing Land brought this news to our attention in their […]

My Kind of Library

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I love books, don’t get me wrong. But a library of wine? That is the newest library on the Cornell campus and it contains […]

Recent Acquisition Has Some Concerned About Access

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The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) has been acquired by Elsevier with the promise that it will be further developed with Mendeley, Elsevier’s scholarly […]

Strengthening the Data

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A leading index of open-access journals may shrink by more than one-quarter after an effort to exclude questionable and inactive publishers. This interesting information came […]

EBSCO and A New Open Source Project

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A new initiative is underway to create open-source software for academic libraries. The project is in collaboration with Index Data and Kauli OLE, and […]