In Defense of Taxonomies: In Response to the Recent Scholarly Kitchen Posts about Google Scholar, Indexing, and Content Findability

October 19, 2015  
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Several interesting points were raised over the course of the two posts — and, notably, in the resulting comments featuring  Anurag Acharya — by John Sack about Google Scholar. Google Scholar is a wonderful tool and resource, and it is not the goal here to disparage or otherwise belittle its importance or contribution to research. […]

Making All Content Findable

October 14, 2015  
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Business emails are subject to many of the same records management requirements as any other office documents. To help with handling the indexing and findability of this data, released a new tool that unifies all email and documents in a single, central repository instead of relegating them to Exchange and SharePoint. Fierce Content Management brought this […]

Access Innovations and Access Integrity Complete ICD-10 Readiness Tool

October 5, 2015  
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Access Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce the delivery of a comprehensive ICD-10 readiness tool for their Access Integrity division. Access Integrity was formed in 2011 to leverage Access Innovations’ award-winning, patented Data Harmony® software in the health care industry. Using their long-established semantic enrichment toolset, the technology automatically reads patient encounter notes to deliver […]

Challenging Day for Healthcare

October 1, 2015  
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One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry, in addition to the ICD-10 transition, is coordination among their many business partners. Providers, payers, and vendors all need to be on the same page at the same point, and that point is today. October 1st is the day when all providers must start using a much […]

Records Management Reform In Order

October 1, 2015  
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The State Department has been criticized for inefficiency in finding documents and releasing them in response to records requests. So in response, Janice Jacobs, who was assistant secretary for consular affairs, will take on the newly created position in charge of improving document preservation and records systems. This interesting bit of news came from The Weather Space […]

Young Indexers Learn Valuable Skills

September 29, 2015  
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Building skills at a young age has long been proven successful. Somewhat different from learning to play the piano, young members of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are indexing historical records of more than 20,000 individuals, making them accessible to genealogists and hobbyists. The Orange County Register brought this interesting information to […]

Making the Job Hunt Easier

September 4, 2015  
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Searching for a new job is stressful; no one will argue that fact. You work hard to make your resume informative without being too verbose, precise without drowning in detail, and interesting without sounding trite. After all that hard work, it can be disheartening to know that computer software is reading and profiling your resume […]

Expanding the Library

September 2, 2015  
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The British Library and Publishing Technology have announced a new partnership, which will make 5,400 new journal and book titles available via the ingentaconnect online platform. This interesting information came from Publishing Technology in their post, “British Library and Publishing Technology collaborate to make Document Supply Service content available via ingentaconnect.” Journal content from an assortment […]

Organized Information

August 26, 2015  
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While not a true taxonomy, a recent look at the history of educational development elsewhere in the world classifies a diverse range of educational ideas and practices that have arisen with the development of mass education. This interesting information came from The News on Sunday in their article, “History of educational development.” Gathering this depth of […]

Data Harmony® v.3.10 Named 2015 Trend Setting Product by KMWorld

August 24, 2015  
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Access Innovations, Inc., the industry leader in data organization and innovators of the Data Harmony® software suite, is pleased to announce that KMWorld has named Data Harmony Version 3.10 on their list of Trend Setting Products for 2015. “It is vital to stay at the forefront of knowledge management and, with Data Harmony v.3.10, we […]

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