Searching the Clouds

April 3, 2014  
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Visionet Systems, Inc. has announced the public launch of VisiOCR, a cloud-based automated mortgage document indexing and data extraction service for lenders, servicers, settlement companies, and investors.

A Different Approach

April 3, 2014  
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The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters has released a preview of ScholarOne Web Services, a holistic approach to integration that will enable publishers to discover connections between shared research and ultimately streamline the publishing process.

Records Management in the Court System

March 26, 2014  
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Of course records play a vital role in the litigation process as any records management professional would affirm. But what exactly is their role?

The Keys to Connect

March 19, 2014  
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Behavioral health has historically been an exception to the electronic sharing of data due to federal privacy rules regarding potentially sensitive information.

Release of Data Harmony® Software Version 3.9 Planned for March 31, 2014

March 17, 2014  
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Data Harmony, a division of Access Innovations, Inc., has announced that version 3.9 of its suite of software tools will be released on March 31, 2014. Current customers will be the first to receive the new version.

“Our recent enhancements provide greater search efficiency while browsing your thesaurus through callouts and hyperlinks to related and narrower terms,” said Allex Lyons, one of the Data Harmony programming team. “Dropdown menus in the search window display subject terms with a type head (autocomplete) function that assists users of any skill or experience level.”

The Power of Machine-Assisted Indexing

March 17, 2014  
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Metaome Science Informatics announced the launch of DistilBio Enterprise – a knowledge discovery and exploration platform for the life sciences

Capturing the Past

March 7, 2014  
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Infolinx System Solutions is implementing Infolinx WEB for a state library and archives managing physical records from cradle to grave.

The Devil is in the Details

March 6, 2014  
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Implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system can be challenging. Many factors pose hurdles of varying degrees: asset ingestion, building the database, relevant and descriptive metadata, to name a few. It is key to make the assets descriptive enough to make them worth the time to search and find them.

Measures to Findability

March 5, 2014  
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Digital asset management (DAM) is one of those things that confuses people, which discourages them from addressing it. Kind of like those tasks we all put off until we can no longer justify ignoring them. DAM brings with it extra policy, added expenses, and more required training for an already overloaded staff. So why do we do it?

Webinar Address Authority Files

March 4, 2014  
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The American Society for Indexing is hosting a webinar titled – Creating Name Authority Files for Large Indexing Projects. Leading the event is Linda Dunn from Dunn Information Organization. Linda has been a periodical indexer for over thirty years and has been interested in authority files since she began indexing. Through her work with multiple databases she has become familiar with many types of authority files both proprietary and open source.

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