Organized Information

August 26, 2015  
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While not a true taxonomy, a recent look at the history of educational development elsewhere in the world classifies a diverse range of educational ideas and practices that have arisen with the development of mass education. This interesting information came from The News on Sunday in their article, “History of educational development.” Gathering this depth of […]

Data Harmony® v.3.10 Named 2015 Trend Setting Product by KMWorld

August 24, 2015  
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Access Innovations, Inc., the industry leader in data organization and innovators of the Data Harmony® software suite, is pleased to announce that KMWorld has named Data Harmony Version 3.10 on their list of Trend Setting Products for 2015. “It is vital to stay at the forefront of knowledge management and, with Data Harmony v.3.10, we […]

How Intelligent is Your Content?

August 21, 2015  
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Semantic technology is all the rage these days. Machine learning is a well-established subfield of computer science and the machine learner i.e. the computer is like a student. DATAVERSITY brought this news to our attention in their article, “Machine Teaching: A New Twist on Machine Learning.” The goal of machine learning is to develop models that […]

Metadata Collection Going Away

August 13, 2015  
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The Australian Pictorial Thesaurus (APT) was a collection of topic terms for indexing Australian images. We just received word that the APT will no longer be available effective August 31, 2015. The APT used contemporary Australian terminology to describe objects, people, places and structures, activities and concepts depicted in an image. It ensures the common […]

New Digital Assets Available

August 13, 2015  
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The British Library is the largest library collection in the world, with more than 170 million items in its catalog. Interestingly, though, only 14 million of these are books. Among the manuscripts, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and video recordings, and so much more, there are prints and drawings. In an effort to make some of […]

Archiving Sound

August 11, 2015  
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The Macaulay Library at Cornell University is home to the world’s largest and oldest collection of nature recordings. Recently, they uploaded and made available their whole, totally searchable, archive online for free. This very interesting information came from Chart Attack in their article, “The world’s largest natural sound archive just went up online.” In this archive, 9,000 […]

The Value Added by Folksonomies

August 11, 2015  
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As content is organized, the standard approaches include hierarchical or flat. One or both utilize tags to put labels on the content, which makes the information easily retrievable when the user needs access. Tags can be used as a part of filtering search queries or fixed views of a content source. Tags are created in […]

Archivists Add Value

August 10, 2015  
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The Society of American Archivists (SAA) Word of the Week is a weekly email produced by SAA’s Dictionary Working Group that defines new archives terms as well as updates of entries from the 2005 A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology. SAA is seeking feedback on these proposed definitions as well as suggestions for new terms. This […]

The Value of a Taxonomy in Archiving

August 7, 2015  
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Archiving and storing historical records for the future is an admirable task. The North Vancouver Museum and Archives (NVMA) has been doing that since 1971. This interesting news came from the Eloquent blog in their post, “Online Archives promote Community Heritage. The NVMA acquires the records of organizations and individuals whose activities document the historical, social, […]

Grants for Digital Archiving

August 4, 2015  
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A unique opportunity comes around once a year with the GRAMMY Foundation Grant Program. With funding provided by The Recording Academy (aka The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, or NARAS), the GRAMMY Foundation Grant Program awards grants each year to organizations and individuals to support efforts that advance the archiving and preservation of […]

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