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The Internet of Things is Getting Loads of Attention

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There is money to be made in and around the Internet of Things (IoT), and some are projecting big numbers. This interesting information came to […]

Internet of Things Can Leave You Exposed

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With progress comes land mines. Being connected to your home and the devices therein has advantages. It has also can leave you vulnerable to hackers. […]

In the Middle

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has blurred the lines between the virtual world and the real world. With AI largely being academic or theoretical in nature for […]

Machines are Learning

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Machine learning has transformed traditional computing by enabling machines to learn from data. DATAVERSITY brought this news to us in their article, “Machine Learning Use […]

Common Language Can Lead to Silos

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 The IPSO Alliance is a group of individuals and organizations who are passionate about Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability. They have analyzed IoT interoperability, published […]

Protecting Connections

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With the Internet of Things (IoT) changing the landscape of connectivity, a new set of challenges and opportunities have evolved. Because it involves a […]

Don’t Overlook the Intranet

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Many organizations are focusing on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things – key buzzwords in technology these days. However they are not exhaustive in […]

Convenient and Secure?

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The popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to grow. But has it grown too fast to be safe? NETWORK WORLD brought this interesting information […]