The Same Paper vs. Digital Debate

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The Pew Research Center conducted a recent poll on the reading habits of Americans and their preferred vehicles. The results might surprise you. The […]

The Future of Open Access

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In the past we have highlighted the fact that taxonomies exist everywhere – in the book store and even in the grocery store. Is […]

Shining the Light on Libraries

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Libraries and arts tend to not fair well when it comes to politicians and budgets. It is sad fact. However the library community can […]

LIFE Imagines Indexed

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LIFE magazine is using machine learning to organize over 4 million images from the LIFE magazine archives into an interactive encyclopedia. LIFE magazine was […]

Digital or Retail: Selecting Books Have Changed

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Bookstores’ footprints, business concepts and strategies have morphed over the past few decades in very drastic ways. Founder Jeff Bezos first launched Amazon as […]

Shining the Light on Peer Review

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Peer review is a vital step in scientific publishing. Unfortunately it is often not formally taught. This interesting news came to us from EurekAlert! in […]

The Power of a Good Book

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For years people have pondered the importance of reading for pleasure, both as a student and as an adult. Especially in this day and […]

Machine Learning Detects Change

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Machine learning scientists at Disney Research have developed an innovative new model that uncovers how the meanings of words change over time. This interesting information […]