New Approach to Fighting Censorship

September 22, 2015  
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Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country draw attention to the problem of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a variety of events. The 2015 celebration will be held September 27-October 3. Publisher’s Weekly brought this news […]

Doing It Yourself

September 21, 2015  
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It feels like over time the often heard phrase of “I want to get published” has morphed into “I am publishing”. With the many changes in the publishing world, book publishing has changed so dramatically that it is no longer necessary to find an agent and pitch a book. Self-publishing opportunities are everywhere and as […]

New Education Series Available

September 14, 2015  
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The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) will launch its new virtual education series on September 22, 2015. The first session, Content Strategy for Library Websites, is presented by EBSCO UX researcher, Deirdre Costello. On the fourth Tuesday every other month, NFAIS members can participate for free in these 30-45 minute sessions designed to […]

Censorship in Books

September 11, 2015  
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Since it is Friday and it has been a long week (five days of work crammed into four), this different yet interesting information seemed appropriate for today. Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country draw attention to the problem of […]

Public Reading Pays Off

August 25, 2015  
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  The Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca embarked on a new initiative that promotes literacy while encouraging residents to take advantage of municipal public transportation. For one week, anyone reading on any of the city’s public transportation vehicles was allowed to ride entirely free of charge. This interesting information came from the online magazine, Good, in their article, […]

New Partnership Enhances Services

August 24, 2015  
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Handshake Software, Inc. and LexisNexis Legal & Professional recently announced the integration of the LexisNexis® Digital Library with Handshake Software’s Portal & Search for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. This interesting news came from PR Zoom in their article, “Handshake Software Integrates LexisNexis Digital Library with Microsoft SharePoint Portal & Search.” This integration enables firm attorneys […]

Learning Opportunity Next Week

August 20, 2015  
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Powerful tools are needed to manage information, both digital and traditional. An integrated library system (ILS) can help with managing knowledge, content and digital assets, but there are so many options. It is critical to a library’s sustainability to keep up with changing needs. A powerful ILS offers a critical toolkit, and an ILS that’s a […]

Metadata Collection Going Away

August 13, 2015  
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The Australian Pictorial Thesaurus (APT) was a collection of topic terms for indexing Australian images. We just received word that the APT will no longer be available effective August 31, 2015. The APT used contemporary Australian terminology to describe objects, people, places and structures, activities and concepts depicted in an image. It ensures the common […]

New Digital Assets Available

August 13, 2015  
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The British Library is the largest library collection in the world, with more than 170 million items in its catalog. Interestingly, though, only 14 million of these are books. Among the manuscripts, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and video recordings, and so much more, there are prints and drawings. In an effort to make some of […]

From A to Z

August 12, 2015  
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Giving credit where credit is due is always proper form in research papers. When there are multiple authors and/or contributors, it is customary to start listing alphabetically. In the cases where there are a large volume of names, they will use the first alphabetically appropriate researcher’s first initial and last name, with et al. to […]

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