The Old Meets New

June 11, 2015  
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Online chat rooms and bulletin boards started in the 1980s and 1990s. As the internet evolved, social media sites became a prominent figure in the world of collaboration and digital community. However, the subjects aren’t always about food, news, entertainment, or politics. There is now an online collaboration happening around ancient text. This interesting information came […]

Bringing the Past to the Future

May 26, 2015  
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Going digital has many meanings, depending on the genre of data and on the type of business involved. For the Library of Congress, this is a pretty big deal. NPR brought this very interesting news to us in their article, “A Long Way From Wax Cylinders, Library Of Congress Slowly Joins The Digital Age.” The Library […]

Providing Access to Those Who Need It Most

May 21, 2015  
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INASP is a registered UK charity that works to support global research communication through innovation, networking and capacity strengthening, focusing on the needs of developing and emerging countries. They work with publishers to enable affordable and sustainable access to online resources to developing countries and with national library consortia or equivalent to help them meet the information […]

The Darker Side of Words

May 20, 2015  
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I am a word person. I think you know that about me already. I like origins of words, different meanings, and especially the emotions that are tied with particular words. Some interesting information along those lines recently came from Quartz in their article, “’s newest words reveal our fascination with the internet’s dark side.” […]

Easy Learning

May 18, 2015  
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The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) is offering an interesting webinar with the title, “Webinar: Fast Times for Information: Re-Calibrating Roles and Responsibilities.” This event is scheduled for Thursday, May 21st at 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST.

Learning Opportunity for Competitive Intelligence

April 22, 2015  
 Posted in Business Intelligence, News, Taxonomy

The Special Libraries Association, Competitive Intelligence Division is bringing a learning opportunity to you. “Creating Competitive Intelligence Taxonomies to Visualize Your Business Environment” is a structured approach to intelligence information that makes competitive intelligence faster and even more efficient. Using topic maps or taxonomies, this interesting webinar demonstrates ways to visualize and organize a dynamic business environment.

Learning Opportunities at SLA

April 17, 2015  
 Posted in News

Another learning opportunity is available from the Special Libraries Association 2015 Annual Conference. Attending the conference will give you access to the connections, resources, products and services that matter to your profession. The continuing education courses are full of great opportunities to enhance your skills.

Continuing Education and Growth

April 16, 2015  
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You can never learn too much and it is certainly more important than ever to stay up to date on the latest trends in the business. The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is helping you out with that by offering in-depth continuing education courses that focus on a range of topics.

Intern Position Available

March 16, 2015  
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The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is seeking applications for a paid internship at their Washington, D.C. office. The internship will be in Library Services in the Applied Research and Methods team (ARM). The deadline for applying is March 18, 2015. The position is slated in May or June.

Libraries Revisited

March 13, 2015  
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Libraries seem to belong to a past generation who did not have access to the internet or to other data sources where mega masses of information could be accessed quickly and easily. Of course there have been changes, but we in the business of information science know that the value of libraries hasn’t diminished, just changed. The latest research findings indicate that the future of libraries falls into three categories: The library as a place, the library as a connector of people, and the library as a platform for getting patrons the information and the contacts they seek.

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