Digital Library Looking Forward

June 25, 2012  
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The Dspace digital library in St. Albert’s College is one of the only five digital libraries opened in colleges utilizing local area development funds. Dspace is an open source digital repository solution for capturing, storing, indexing, preserving and redistributing intellectual output for the use of students.

EBSCO Launches eBook Subscription

March 29, 2012  
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EBSCO Publishing has released their first subscription eBook collection – eBook Academic Subscription Collection™. The full-text eBooks cover a broad spectrum of academic subjects with the nearly 70,000 titles.

New Partnership Gives Users Access to Historical Images

March 16, 2012  
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EBSCO Publishing has announced their new partnership with Bridgeman Education. This new joint effort will allow images from Bridgeman Education’s extensive collection to be searched within EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

Standards for Centralized Indexes

November 18, 2011  
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Centralized indexes for discovery services seems to be the new fad. Beginning with Summon from Serials Solutions and followed by EBSCO Discovery Service, Primo Central from Ex Libris and OCLC’s WorldCat Local, these services depend on massive indexes populated with content representing each component of a library’s collection.

Is The Library Of Congress’ Data Carrier Out Of Date?

November 4, 2011  
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The Working Group of the Future of Bibliographic Control wrote that the Library community’s data carrier, MARC, is “based on forty-year-old techniques for data management and is out of step with programming styles of today.” This interesting information comes from News & Announcements on the Library of Congress site in the post titled, “A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age.”

Indexing is Key to Findability

November 2, 2011  
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A team of librarians from regional branches of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine have come to the Radiology Society of North America’s (RNSA) annual conference in Chicago to host educational sessions on helping clinicians easily find reference material. This has taken place for fifteen years and that continues for RNSA 2011 next month.

The Evolving Librarian

October 31, 2011  
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Those in the “biz” have been fully aware of the gradual demise of the traditional librarian in our industry. Traditional roles as reference clerks and human cataloging machines are slowly disappearing or morphing into digital knowledge experts. KM World brought this topic to our attention in their article, “The Future of the The Future: The […]

EBSCO Acquires Vast Database

October 12, 2011  
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EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has acquired the database, Ergonomics Abstracts™. The database focuses on ergonomics and human factors and provides indexing for eBooks, journal articles and reference works in a variety of fields that will be of value to academic libraries and research institutes.

National Agriculture Library Selects TEMIS for Auto-Indexing

September 28, 2011  
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TEMIS was awarded the contract by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) to automatically index hundreds of thousands of documents annually. NAL has acquired via TEMIS an automated indexing software that expands their indexing potential.

Digital Book Library Might Be In Our Future

September 20, 2011  
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Amazon is apparently in talks to launch a digital-books library run on the same premise as Netflix. For an annual fee, readers can read themselves silly on e-books of their choosing. There are no details available as to how advanced this process has moved, but it does make us wonder about the impact on brick and mortar libraries.

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