Libraries of Old and New

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The ancient Library of Alexandria was a working resource for scholars. The ancient image of a library as a place for scholars to collaborate, […]

Digital Library Re-Launch

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SAE International has announced the re-launch of the SAE Digital Library as SAE MOBILUS™. The results will improve users’ discovery and will offer more features and […]

Censorship, Intellectual Freedom, and Books

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The American Library Association recently released the State of America’s Libraries Report 2016. One small part of that report includes the most challenged books of […]

Libraries Under Attack

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Scholarly publishing has been a narrative involving crisis, lack of funding, academic egos, and self-preservation. As part of that story, there are victims, villains, and heroes. The Scholarly Kitchen […]

New Archive Addition Provides Diversity

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Gale is a leading provider of library resources and part of Cengage Learning. Recently they released the first part of Archives of Human Sexuality […]