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The Challenge of Big Data

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Big data disruption has resulted in the need to rapidly integrate and exchange data of all types among disparate systems, applications and infrastructure. This […]

Semantic Technology in Daily Life

The semantic web, or web 3.0, is often quoted as the next phase of the Internet. The semantic web was envisioned as a highly interconnected […]

Industry Giants Are Going All In On Graphic Databases

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Graph databases are no longer the new guy on the block. They continue to move into mainstream enterprise operations and some big name vendors […]

Learning Opportunity This Week

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Mark your calendars for a unique webinar this week that introduces you to the Linked Data Fragments family of technologies, which take a much […]

Choosing Related Terms

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Which quiche? You’ll have to read to the end to find out.

As many of our readers are aware, hierarchical thesauri are distinguished from […]

Smart Thesauri: Using Taxonomies with Linked Data

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Note: A full version of this article is scheduled to be published in an upcoming issue of the IKO eNewsletter.

As interest in Linked Data […]