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Semantic Intelligence

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We talk a lot of about semantic technology and machine learning here. But what do they mean exactly? In linguistics, meaning has two distinct branches […]

Data Analytics in the Bar

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Beer and data analytics have paired up in an inventory system for bars and restaurants. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to us in their article,”Drink […]

Machine Learning and Vocabulary

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An audio mining product called OmniTraq is using machine learning driven capabilities to detect customer sentiment and monitor service quality across a range of verticals. Market Exclusive […]

Machine Learning is Coming to the Party

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Machine learning is embraced by the creators of PoolParty Semantic Suite. They are integrating improved machine learning capabilities to support the most critical knowledge engineering […]

Semantic Technology In Play

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Expert System is partnering with MarkLogic Corporation so that their information management applications will be powered with cognitive capabilities. This interesting information came to us from Martech […]

Making Content Findable

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Improving patient outcomes, minimizing medical errors and reducing costs are worthy goals. The key to accomplishing all of these is data. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting news […]

Using Analytics for Big Data

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Machine learning technology has changed the opinion that machines and computers are cold and calculating. They have personalities and assumptions – but with all the […]