Benefits of Social Bookmarking

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Engaging with businesses online is the norm and no longer the exception. Therefore, it is important to have a presence online that describes your services and promotes visibility. Many providers out there promise this result if you engage their product and services, particularly for social bookmarking.

New SharePoint Blog Launched

By |April 14th, 2011|Business strategy, indexing, News, ontology, semantic, Taxonomy, Uncategorized|Comments Off on New SharePoint Blog Launched

A news service that covers news and information about SharePoint content processing and semantic technology for Microsoft SharePoint has been launched.

Plant Biology Journals Brought to Digital Life with H20

By |March 25th, 2011|News, Standards, Taxonomy|1 Comment

The two premier plant biology journals published by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) -- Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell – have been completely migrated to HighWire Press's new electronic publishing platform, H2O.

Equal Opportunity for All Users

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Enterprise content management (ECM) has progressed from simple, stand-alone file management and imaging systems, to today's complex, multi-technology ECM platforms. But along the way, have they made a division between small to medium businesses and large enterprises in the features that are available and applicable?

Meta Tagging and Google – A Match Made Where?

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Google’s new news meta tagging scheme is being questioned by some for its brilliance and potential success. Though they appreciate the intent to distinguish between syndicated and non-syndicated content, they worry that the meta tags are clunky and therefore likely to be used to work the web.