Database Building Options and Costs

December 8, 2010  
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by Marjorie M.K. Hlava Note: This white paper was first published as part of Information Today‘s Private Files Series, Volume 1, Issue 7. People often comment that the cost estimates for database construction seem exceedingly high. In response to those surprised voices, this paper will explore various options available to those who are building a […]

Data Integration Tools Increasing in Value

December 3, 2010  
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Many factors are forcing organizations to change business processes and models and to manage their data assets differently. Simplification of processes and the IT infrastructure is necessary to achieve transparency. Data integration is a critical component of an overall enterprise information management (EIM) strategy and information infrastructure.

Meta Tagging and Google – A Match Made Where?

November 30, 2010  
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Google’s new news meta tagging scheme is being questioned by some for its brilliance and potential success. Though they appreciate the intent to distinguish between syndicated and non-syndicated content, they worry that the meta tags are clunky and therefore likely to be used to work the web.

Solcara PRISM Plans to Transform Information Search and Access

July 21, 2010  
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Solcara intends to transform the world of information search and access with PRISM.

eHealth Global Technologies Launches New Access

June 21, 2010  
 Posted in Autoindexing, News, ontology, Taxonomy

eHealth Global Technologies launches Access Indexing to simplify the way physicians access patient records.

Data Alignment: Good Data Means Better Business

Indexing and tagging not only help users find information and bring about clarity, but are good business practices as well.

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