The Family of Academia

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Partnerships and collaborations between university presses and university libraries can garner a variety of opinions and perspectives. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting information […]

Changing the How

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Making content findable is our goal at Access Innovations. Of course, we are referring to technology and search queries in data that has been […]

Libraries and Journals are Main Focus

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Academic publisher SAGE Publishing has partnered with EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) to broaden the availability of SAGE’s journals portfolio to North American public, corporate, medical, […]

Millennials in Libraries?

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A recent report indicated that millennials in America are more likely to have visited a public library in the past year than any other adult […]

What is Access?

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Open access (OA) refers to online research outputs that are free of all restrictions on access and free of many restrictions on use. Open access can […]

Open Access Images Get Great Reception

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The New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is pursing a new Open Access policy that would result in the release of high-resolution imagery of all its public-domain works, which […]

The Real Meaning

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Machine learning scientists at Disney Research have developed a new innovative model that uncovers how the meanings of words change over time. This interesting information […]

Academic Publishers Bring Lawsuit

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Earlier this summer, three of the country’s largest college textbook publishers filed a lawsuit against Follett Corp. charging the company with selling counterfeit textbooks. Publishers Weekly […]