Fighting Back against Fake News

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After months of people pointing fingers and declaring what is and what isn’t “fake news”, Facebook has a starting place for identifying less-than-accurate news […]

An Elite Group

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The term “Copy editors” conjures up images of wire-framed bespectacled people hunched over their desks furiously scratching and swiping with their pencils (always pencils, never […]

Word Lovers Unite

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I like words. I like how they make me feel. I like how they roll off my tongue. Words like filipendulous are phonetically fun to […]

New Collaboration Increases Access

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EBSCO Information Services has been chosen as an approved content provider for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) framework. This interesting […]

The Lion and The Lamb

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March is just around the corner and I think of wind, kites and maybe a little spring. I also think of my mother who […]

The Library for the People

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One of President Obama’s final appointments was the new Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden. The first person of color and the first woman […]

Putting Textbooks in Their Place

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Textbooks are large in both size and cost. Add to that how fast they become outdated, and is easy to understand why other options are […]

Looking at Language Differently

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Cognitive linguistics refers to the school of thought within linguistics that interprets language in terms of the concepts, sometimes universal, sometimes specific to a […]

Looking for the Truth

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We have all been there. It might be a in the middle of a professional conversation or social gathering and someone uses a word […]