A Family of Technology

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Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), semantic technology and natural language processing (NLP) often get confused with one another and that is understandable as they […]

Analyzing Content

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OpenText has recently launched an artificial intelligence platform that combines big data and human language analytics to help companies better understand the needs of […]

New Intelligence to Guide Better Decisions

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An new analytics tool may assist military leaders in making better decisions on the battlefield by predicting the motives of adversaries. This interesting information came […]

Internet of Things Can Leave You Exposed

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With progress comes land mines. Being connected to your home and the devices therein has advantages. It has also can leave you vulnerable to hackers. […]

Asking the Right Questions

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Search results are only as good as the query itself. Users often use search keywords that are not recognized by semantic systems leading to […]

AI Today, and Tomorrow

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We live in an intelligent era, at least when it comes to technology. Our watches tell us not only the time, but they also […]