Natural Language Processing at Home

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For many, natural language processing (NLP) seems futuristic or from the world of science fiction. What most don’t realize though, is that NLP is […]

The Dictionary to the Rescue

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Who knew in this day and age of digital, semantic and virtual technologies that the dictionary would turn out to the hero of the […]

Artificial Intelligence Deciphers Unstructured Data

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OpenText has recently launched an artificial intelligence platform that combines big data and human language analytics to help companies better understand the needs of […]

Automating Customer Service

Customer service is one of the prime targets for automation in the business world. Virtual customer agents are a prime example. These intelligent systems are […]

New Partnership Utilizes Semantic Technology for Customer Relationship Management

Atento Digital was recently launched as a global business unit integrating all of the company’s digital assets to generate additional value for clients and […]

Captains of Digital Industry

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Artificial intelligence allows software to learn human ways of thinking and it is currently being incorporated into the largest e-commerce platforms and data-intensive traditional […]

Semantic Technology Webinar Offering

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CIMdata will be hosting an upcoming free educational webinar titled, “How Semantic Web Technology helps Design-for-Reliability.” The webinar will take place on July 13, […]

It’s All Semantics

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Semantic search is search that understands the meaning of a natural language query as opposed to viewing search terms as keywords. Simplicable brought this interesting […]

Understanding Knowledge

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There are many terms used in relation to artificial intelligence. Some are synonymous and some are just distantly related. Sys-Con Media brought this news to […]