Data Analytics in the Bar

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Beer and data analytics have paired up in an inventory system for bars and restaurants. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to us in their article,”Drink […]

Technology and Learning

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Deep learning is considered a key part of data science. But what exactly is deep learning? This interesting information came from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Big Data, […]

Using Cognitive Computing in Healthcare

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A new population health management tool has been released by ODH and IBM Watson Health to help managed care groups. Healthcare DIVE brought this information […]

New Partnership Embraces Semantic Technology

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EPAM Systems, Inc. and Sinequa have announced a new partnership to deliver search and analytics solutions for data-driven Global 2000 companies in the pharmaceutical industry. DATAVERSITY […]

Semantic Technology in Medical Coding

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3M announced recently purchased Semfinder, a medical coding technology company from Switzerland. Embracing semantic coding technology could help push its electronic health record (EHR) […]

Machine Learning is Coming to the Party

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Machine learning is embraced by the creators of PoolParty Semantic Suite. They are integrating improved machine learning capabilities to support the most critical knowledge engineering […]

Semantic Functions of Brain Stimulated by Drug

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LSD is known for dramatically altering people’s state of consciousness. New research suggests that the mind-expanding effects of LSD may also extend to language. The Huffington […]

Artificial Technology is Improving Health Care

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Researchers at a Houston medical facility have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that reliably interprets mammograms. This technology has the potential to assist doctors […]

Graph Databases Answers the Why Question

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Graph databases are certainly all the rage currently. They have outgrown every other type of database in popularity since 2013. Developers, data scientists, and IT […]