The Semantic Approach

August 19, 2014  
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The possibilities and limitations of semantic search continue to be evaluated as more and more enterprises and applications utilize the technology. Semantic search can be challenging to understand, let alone implement. If all your experience of search engine use has been the Boolean search of the past, then this is a new world for you to explore.

Semantic Technology Gathers Industry Leaders

August 12, 2014  
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fluidOps will present at Semantic Technology & Business Conference (SemTechBiz) next week in San Jose, California.

Semantic Technology and Data Integration

August 12, 2014  
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Smartlogic recently released Semaphore 3.7 with assurance that this release provides even more accuracy in the massively improved information extraction capabilities.

The Evolution of Search

August 6, 2014  
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Search has seen some dramatic changes in recent years, and most attribute that to semantic technology. It has become the normal expectation for users that a search engine would understand inference in natural language versus the query model used for so long.

Becoming Relevant

July 29, 2014  
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Linguamatics has launched I2E Semantic Enrichment to provide increased return on investment in enterprise search systems and radically improve speed to insight.

Semantic Technology Conference Celebrates 10 Years

July 22, 2014  
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DATAVERSITY™ Education, LLC, and have released the agenda and opening of registration for the 10th annual Semantic Technology & Business Conference (SemTechBiz).

The Semantics of Search

July 15, 2014  
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Semantic search continues to develop and be even more integral to information management, but how does it affect your efforts to identify and employ keywords? This is assuming that keywords even matter anymore. How does it help make your content findable?

The Value of Your Data

July 10, 2014  
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Data is everywhere, but in the healthcare industry it is fast becoming the largest producer. Combine that with the many other initiatives in health information technology going on – electronic health records, ICD-10 coding classification transition, Affordable Health Care, Meaningful Use – they need whatever help they can find.

Counting Calories Is So Yesterday

July 9, 2014  
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Semantic technology has entered the kitchen, or at least, the kitchen arena. Apps, software and services that provide us with in-depth information about the food we eat have never been more popular. Consumers want to know more about their food than ever before. Enter software developers who are working fast and furious to meet that demand.

The New Search

July 8, 2014  
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Digital marketing is changing in every industry, but none more than the insurance industry. There are tactics more appropriate and effective than the search engine optimization and keyword linking of days gone by. Google has made that very clear.

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