Speeding Up the Process

June 27, 2014  
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Linguamatics has launched I2E Semantic Enrichment to provide increased return on investment in enterprise search systems and radically improve speed to insight.

The Time of Data

June 27, 2014  
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Informatica has announced its Intelligent Data Platform that is designed to provide ”the right data at the right time.”

Rule Base Solutions

People often ask us how much time it will take to manage a rule base with Data Harmony software. We reply with specific customer experience numbers and tell them a few hours per month of editorial time to maintain both the thesaurus and the rule base. One customer of ours, the American Institute of Physics, found that maintaining their thesaurus and rule base takes less than 15 hours per month for 2000 articles per week throughput. Another customer, The Weather Channel, manages breaking news all day long with four hours per month of maintenance.

All Data is Important

June 17, 2014  
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Varonis Systems has introduced DatAnswers – enterprise search of human-generated data such as presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

Data Harmony Version 3.9 Includes MAI Batch GUI – A New Interface For M.A.I.™ (Machine Aided Indexer) and MAIstro™ Modules

June 16, 2014  
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Access Innovations, Inc. announces the inclusion of the MAI Batch Graphical User Interface (GUI) as part of the recent Data Harmony Version 3.9 software update release. MAI Batch GUI is a new interface for running a full directory of files through the M.A.I. Concept Extractor. This tool enables processing of large amounts of text through the Data Harmony MAI Concept Extractor with a single command.

Making Content More Findable

June 13, 2014  
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Metaome Science Informatics has announced the launch of DistilBio Enterprise – a knowledge discovery and exploration platform for the life sciences.

Preventing Damage Before it Starts

June 12, 2014  
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Malware is the bane of any user’s existence. It harms everyone from the most naive to the competent techy guru.

Marco? Polo!

June 9, 2014  
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Making content findable by users has become easier and more intuitive through semantic search, a technique used to determine the actual intent and contextual meaning for the keywords that a person types into a search engine. It works on the principles of language and is based on the context, substance, and intent and concept of the search phrase. Semantic search can also incorporate location, synonyms of a term, current trends, and other natural language elements as part of the search.

Looking at All Angles

June 6, 2014  
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It is important to plan your business from every perspective – employees, customers, market, etc. Information architecture is the next step to organizing information based on that analysis.

Semantic Technology Gets Real

June 4, 2014  
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The possibilities and limitations of semantic search continue to be evaluated as more and more enterprises and applications utilize the technology. Semantic search can be challenging to understand, let alone implement. If all your experience of search engine use has been the Boolean search of the past, then this is a new world for you to explore.

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