Powerful Search

May 7, 2015  
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Someone who knows you well enough to finish your sentences for you has a semantic understanding of you. Even the most average of people understand context and know what you’re trying to say. However, once in a while, you meet someone with no talent for filling in those blanks, and they seem flat or dense. This same feeling is true for semantic search.

Crowdsourcing Is Valuable

May 1, 2015  
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Is data science filled with mystical algorithms reminiscent of spells chanted by wizards of yore? John Weathington, President and CEO of Excellent Management Systems, apparently thinks so, according to his recent article on Tech Republic.

Grammar Violations

April 8, 2015  
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We all know them. They are the grammar police. The person in your circle of friends or maybe on your Facebook feed that can’t ignore mix-ups like irregardless and regardless or vica versa and vice versa. For that matter, maybe you are that friend. The misuse of words whether it be accidental or a true misunderstanding of the meaning makes the hairs on your neck stand alert and ready to proclaim a guilty sentence and subsequent punishment on any offender.

Working Well Together

March 10, 2015  
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Last year when DATAVERSITY Education, LLC purchased SemanticWeb.com, it was the precursor to one incredible data management education resource. By combining the two sources, they are pooling all writers and support staff into one grand effort, giving DATAVERSITY readers easy access to a wealth of content on semantic technologies, and SemanticWeb.com readers easy access to a deeper pool of content on some of their favorite subjects.

Not Quite HAL

March 3, 2015  
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It sounds like fictional television or the latest science fiction thriller. However, with software-defined networking (SDN), networks are taking advantage of the benefits of cloud-based virtualization and through many steps that are so much more complicated than I am making them sound, they are on the cusp of enabling networks to remain self-aware, self-defending, and self-healing – all the time.

Digital Technologies for Research

February 18, 2015  
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With the Data Harmony User’s Group in full swing, today started the case studies. Personally, I find these the most interesting because it is a real life application of all the technology, including the hurdles and bumps along the way.

Semantics and Taxonomies

February 6, 2015  
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TEMIS has launched Luxid 7, the seventh generation of its flagship semantic content enrichment platform. Luxid 7 promises a beefed up scalable and robust semantic enrichment pipeline and includes a dedicated ontology management tool.

Everybody in the Pool

February 4, 2015  
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Semantic Web Company recently announced the launch of PoolParty Semantic Suite Version 5. This taxonomy management and knowledge graph management software platform includes support for ontology management, custom schema management, enhanced entity extraction, linked data harvesting, Web crawling, and auto-classification in enterprise systems such as SharePoint, Confluence, Drupal and more.

Intelligence of All Kinds

February 2, 2015  
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Artificial intelligence has come a long way from the character Data on Star Trek and even farther from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is now part of our daily habits, i.e. Apple’s Siri.

Team Approach

December 23, 2014  
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TEAM Asparona announced recently that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Syl Semantics. This new partnership will enable TEAM Asparona to provide Syl Search to their customers. This includes government agencies and commercial organizations with a requirement for advanced search capabilities.

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