New Collaboration Enhances Medical Imaging with Semantic Technology

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Mirada Medical, MAASTRO clinic, the Netherlands and SOHARD Software GmbH have won a European Eurostars grant to develop the next generation of automatic contouring […]

Finding the Data

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Provider of natural language search functionality, Celebros has been named a Premier Technology Partner by Magento. This means that moving forward, Celebros will be […]

Following the Data

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TopQuadrant has released a new version of its platform with configurable dashboards that will allow all stakeholders to track progress of data governance initiatives. KM World brought […]

Analyzing the Trends

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Machine learning technology has changed the opinion that machines and computers are cold and calculating. They have personalities and assumptions – but with all the […]

Learning of the Future

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Deep learning is considered a key part of data science. But what exactly is deep learning? This interesting information came from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Big Data, […]

Approaches for Unstructured Data

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The use of unstructured big data is predicted to grow at an unbelievable rate in the next year. It is expected that by the year […]

Indexing for the Semantic Web

Diffbot announces a new structured database that can automatically sort the web into human-like categories of knowledge. Marketing Land brought this news to our attention in their […]

Finding Structure Where It Is Needed

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Unstructured data has been a problem for a while. Storing it, managing it, and searching it is a challenge. Information Week brought this interesting information […]

Natural Language Understanding Gets Boost

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Google has reportedly been promoting natural language understanding with the open-sourcing of SyntaxNet, a neural network framework, and Parsey McParseface (we didn’t make that up). This […]