The Meaning Matters

March 25, 2014  
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Semantic technology has dramatically changed search in recent years. Consumers increasingly expect search engines to understand natural language and perceive the intent behind the words they include in their queries. How does this evolution affect you?

Semantic Search Enhances Results

March 24, 2014  
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Vodacom SA has deployed Ontology Systems to enhance their service assurance operations. By providing Vodacom with a comprehensive service assurance solution for change management and fault management operations, they can accurately assess the impact of change requests and reduce the cross-network impact of ad hoc transmission infrastructure fault management.

Intent in Search

March 21, 2014  
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By analogy with the evolution of aviation, search technology and semantic technology have reached the equivalent of the stealth bombers. Boolean expressions made searches more sophisticated through the use of query modifiers. It became possible to find better results by narrowing or widening the parameters. Keyword searches match results to phrases that are specified by users, and advanced algorithms made this the dominant approach for Web search engines by assigning rankings to pages with the best user experience. But what about context?

Paving the Way for Better Banking

March 19, 2014  
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One scientist sees the technology of semantics as a solution to better understand and manage big-bank risk profiles. Using the compilation of data by the semantic models, banking professionals will be able to better prepare for regulatory issues and internal risk calculations.

Looking Forward

March 18, 2014  
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The semantic web has been referred to as the next phase of the Internet. What this means is not agreed upon at this point, but it is safe to say that it will impact all humans as well as how they communicate with one another. Data has changed as well, and that is partly due to the semantic web.

Sharing the Semantics

March 17, 2014  
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Sprylogics International has signed an agreement with Keek to explore sharing technology and expertise around a broad segment of cross-platform opportunities. This includes the deployment of Sprylogics’ semantic processing engine into Keek’s mobile platform.

Better is Better, Right?

March 14, 2014  
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A research collaboration is underway between the ICT giant Fujitsu and the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at NUI Galway. It could very well change the way we look at linked data.

Making Content Findable

March 13, 2014  
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Search tools are a researchers best technological tool to help them analyze, evaluate, and discover, since making content findable is key to progress. Semantic search takes those results to a new level.

Semantics and Search

March 12, 2014  
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Expert System recently announced that ANSA has chosen the Cogito semantic technology to improve access in its ANSAFoto image database. The world of news and publishing have both grown more and more dependent on technologies that enable filtering to access only the content you are looking for, along with real-time sharing, both quickly and easily.

Semantic Fingerprinting for Name Disambiguation

Many institutions and organizations – notably (but not limited to) publishers – have large, or sometimes very very large, lists of names. These names are from member directories, employees and staff, clients and customers, marketing, development, and many other sources; indeed, oftentimes the lists from various departments in the same organization are not connected or resolved with one another in any way.

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