What’s In A Name?

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are already used in most industries. It may still feel like science fiction, but in reality for a system to […]

Relating to Your Data

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The challenges continue to accumulate in data governance. This is in part due to the variety of data that gets captured and analyzed, and […]

The Many Faces of Data

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Big data is not always smart data and smart data isn’t necessarily big data. This isn’t a riddle, it is a conundrum. This interesting […]

The Technology of Relationships

In an effort to move forward with their artificial intelligence-based chatbot technology, Microsoft has recently purchased messaging app developer Wand Labs. This interesting information came […]

Semantics in the Financial World

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Semantic technology can benefit people in a variety of ways. Onboarding in the financial world used to be a simple matter of filling in a form […]

AI Working With Social Media

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I am not sure this qualifies as a huge accomplishment in the world of science and technology, but thanks to a new app called Dango, […]

Machine Learning Improves Lives

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Improving patient outcomes, minimizing medical errors and reducing costs are worthy goals. The key to accomplishing all of these is data. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting news […]

Managing Fluid Data

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Mobile devices have become the primary computing platform in business. Smartphones and tablets generate and store more electronic records than ever before. This presents a […]

Facebook is Leaning on Semantic Technology

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Facebook has released what they are calling a deep-learning based text understanding engine that is designed to leverage neural network architectures. The ultimate goal is […]

Partnering with the Best

Big data has promised interesting opportunities for quite some time now. As the volume and variety of data continues to grow, organisations have started […]