Same, But Not

November 6, 2014  
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Words like cognitive, intuitive, and semantic are often used interchangeably. However, these terms have distinct definitions that make them very different.

Semantics, Linked Data, and the Future of Academic Publishing

November 3, 2014  
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The rules for academic publishing really haven’t changed in centuries. Once, there was a large percentage of the populace who were skeptical of academic research when Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society started began its publication life in 1665. To make the system work against that pushback, the method had to be codified. As a result, access to research material was difficult to attain, to the extent that scientists as late as the 19th Century actively condoned criminal behavior just to have access to corpses for study and presentation.

Not the TEXAS You Would Think

October 21, 2014  
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Though it is a little short notice, it seemed important to let you know of a workshop at the 2014 Conference on Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) in Doha, Qatar, called “TEXAS: Taxonomy Extraction with Applications in Semantics” that may be of interest to those in the field.

Semantic Technology Speeds up Business Analytics

October 15, 2014  
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IBM recently introduced Watson Analytics, a natural language-based cognitive service that can provide immediate and simple access to powerful predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses.

Covered In Metadata: Semantic Fingerprinting

October 13, 2014  
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Once upon a time, there was a real art to finding something in a library, and the card catalog, in a way, was the medium. Those giant wooden cabinets were filled with mysteries to be uncovered, but the first mystery was how to navigate it. There were always the artists—the librarians—who could help you through it, but that is really only viable for a limited amount of content; librarians have other duties, after all.

Making Search Comprehensive

September 30, 2014  
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fluid Operations has released version 5.5 of Information Workbench and eCloudManager.

Semantics and Insects

September 16, 2014  
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The Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica has recently joined efforts with Pensoft Publishers to bring the Society’s journal, Nota Lepidopterologica, to the world of open access.

Digging a Little Deeper

August 25, 2014  
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Semantic search combines natural language processing and computer technology to help people learn and share information quickly. How it is used and the different types of applications seems endless. After a car accident and subsequent coma ended up leaving one woman having to relearn how to do everything, she saw a need and built a semantic search company to discover the not-so-obvious information.

Embracing Semantic Technology

August 22, 2014  
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Cipher Systems has announced a new partnership with Semantic Research Inc. Together they will work together to integrate elements of SRI’s Semantica® software package and Cipher’s Knowledge.Works™ and Knowledge.Hub™ competitive intelligence software solutions.

The Semantic Approach

August 19, 2014  
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The possibilities and limitations of semantic search continue to be evaluated as more and more enterprises and applications utilize the technology. Semantic search can be challenging to understand, let alone implement. If all your experience of search engine use has been the Boolean search of the past, then this is a new world for you to explore.

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