Looking at Social Media Data

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Looking to social media platforms for information, researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have presented a prototype of a multi-device system that can […]

The Power of Memory

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In the United States, today is celebrated as Memorial Day. It is a federal holiday for remembering the people who died while serving in […]

AI in the Day to Day

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Flashbacks of Jetson cartoons run through my mind when I hear about artificial intelligence (AI) becoming an everyday convenience tool. Robot assistants guiding shoppers […]

Changing Semantic Search

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The public beta release of by RowAnalytics Ltd could change the landscape of search platforms for open access life science literature. PR Newswire brought this […]

ORCID is Coming to Canada

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ORCID and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) along with support from a working group of 16 Canadian stakeholders who are deeply committed to […]

The Popularity of Artificial Intelligence

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Google’s major developer conference is preparing to kick off and there seems to be a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence (AI). Many want to […]

Linguistic Challenges in Foreign Languages

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Linguistic traps can be embarrassing and horrific, depending on the guffaw. It could result in more than embarrassment over using the wrong verb when […]

Information Architect Position Available

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, semantic technology, digital archiving, etc., we are sharing with our readers any career […]