Semantic Marketing

March 10, 2014  
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Parta Dialogue has announced their acquisition of Sense Fab SAS, which has been doing business as MyTwatch. This e-intelligence and social marketing technology company addition will enhance their efforts to support brands’ entire social marketing cycle.

The Wide World of Vocabulary

February 25, 2014  
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The average English-speaker knows between 25,000 and 40,000 words. The Oxford English Dictionary bills itself as the “definitive record of the English language.” To date, they have recorded 800,000 words and counting.

Information Sharing in a New Way

January 31, 2014  
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RawVoice has announced the release of PowerPress 5.0, a platform that provides content creators with everything they need to podcast with a WordPress website or blog. The latest version includes Taxonomy Podcasting and Post Type Podcasting, which expand on the ability to podcast with blog posts and categories.

Language Comes into the Future

January 27, 2014  
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The Oxford English Dictionary is progressing towards a third edition with over 619,000 words compiled between its binding. To compile a dictionary of nearly every word in the English language was an endeavor typical of Victorian times. This mammoth-sized task resulted in the first installment emerging in 1884 with its contents “A to Ant.”

Social Semantics’ Effect on Restaurants

November 12, 2013  
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Social media has impacted and assisted few areas of business like it has the restaurant business. Four Square, Yelp, Facebook check-ins, and many other online review platforms have made or broken many a food provider. Now there is a new online reputation management site that specializes in the hospitality industry as a whole, now including restaurants. TrustYou’s 360-degree solution, which aggregates and analyzes online reviews and social media content for the culinary world, delivers semantic analysis to help drive revenue. This interesting information was found on Fast Casual in their article, “ expands into restaurant space.”

Revealing the Priorities

August 20, 2013  
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How important someone is to your life has been based on many forms of criteria, i.e. feelings, frequency of visits, even financial impact. With the changes technology continues to bring to our lives, if you consider how much time you spend reading and writing emails throughout a typical day, that may reveal more about your relationships, profession and personal.

When Semantic Technology Gets Here

July 23, 2013  
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Semantic technology is weaving its way through every part of our lives. It assists in creating dynamic and comprehensive search results by using natural language processing to determine the meaning and context, just not the words in a search field. Now Google is taking semantic search into the social media world. The social activity adds another level of context on the premise that the most desirable product is the one that is usually talked about the most.

New Acquisition Adds Advantage

July 2, 2013  
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Adobe Systems has acquired Neolane, a software platform for managing digital marketing campaigns.

Semantic Use in Social World

June 12, 2013  
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Intelligent search delivers results based on users’ social media activity. Veveo has been awarded four new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to improve search experiences in the context of current usability trends around social, device based universal search, or semantic and intelligent searching capabilities. This interesting topic was found on TV Technology in their article, “Veveo Adds Four Patents for Semantic Technologies Advancing Usability in Connected Devices.”

Semantic Chat

May 31, 2013  
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Military intelligence is teaming up with the science and experts of ontology to understand the challenges and solutions for storing big data. An April 18 workshop at the University at Buffalo (UB) will explore this big data conundrum, as well as related topics.

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