Consistency for Consumers

August 5, 2014  
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Under pressure from online retailers, those in the real world are finding the battle to stay relevant tough. Many, but not all, have decided to do a hybrid e-Commerce option to their walk-in point of sale. For some, the learning curve of e-Commerce is a bigger challenge than they are prepared to take on.

Standards Level the Playing Fields

July 23, 2014  
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There is constant conversation about technology, performance, and storage in the world of information services. It appears to be a never-ending cycle of regenerating work all focused on getting the optimal performance out of our technology at any one moment in time.

Standards and Taxonomies – Match Made in Heaven

July 17, 2014  
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A recent study revealed an open standard for fixed-income reference data would better coordinate taxonomies, even with the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council’s Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO).

Records Management Requires Consistency

June 11, 2014  
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Pittsburgh-based Business Records Management LLC (BRM) has acquired the assets of ABC Mobile Shredding Inc. This marks the fifth purchase by BRM in four years. This somewhat ironic combination of services does have commonality and merging a vendor into an organization can be smart business strategy.

Applying Standards in the Right Places

April 28, 2014  
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Many businesses work hard at developing and implementing records and information management strategies. However, if you dig a little deeper into those “strategies”, you may find a lack of management. Many confuse the terms data management and storage. Tucking away all your data somewhere safe is not the definition for data management.

Achieving True Findability Requires Standards

April 23, 2014  
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WAND has launched its WAND Taxonomy Library Portal that provides resources for companies who are developing a taxonomy strategy by giving access to more than 100,000 pre-built taxonomy concepts developed by experts.

Approach with Consistency

April 14, 2014  
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The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) recently announced the publication of a revision to the Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART) Recommended Practice (NISO RP-9-2014). The original recommended practice which was issued in 2010, provided all parties in the information supply chain with straightforward guidance about metadata formatting­.

Information and Data Governance/Management – Adding Ideas From Complementary Disciplines

February 10, 2014  
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After critical business information has been identified at a high level and a focal has been assigned, best practices from complementary disciplines can be incorporated. Identify the main subjects for a business specific controlled vocabulary. Each company or organization develops its own language for talking about what it does. Like all languages, organizational languages are based on a common way of seeing and thinking. A technology or farm machinery company may use alphanumeric designations to identify thousands of products. An entertainment firm may use cryptic acronyms in discussing thousands of events or programs. An agricultural organization may talk about plans and events as they relate to “the harvest.” Even within one company, the language varies between departments. A finance department is likely to have a language that is different from the language used in research or operations departments.

The Hot Topics of 2013

January 29, 2014  
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Concept Searching has taken time to compile the annual list of its most read blogs and leadership articles for 2013. Known for their semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, not to mention, developer of the Smart Content Framework™, Concept Searching offers readers interesting and thought-provoking discussions in their content. Digital Journal brought this news to our attention in their article, “Concept Searching Announces Top Read Blogs and Thought Leadership Articles.”

Language Comes into the Future

January 27, 2014  
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The Oxford English Dictionary is progressing towards a third edition with over 619,000 words compiled between its binding. To compile a dictionary of nearly every word in the English language was an endeavor typical of Victorian times. This mammoth-sized task resulted in the first installment emerging in 1884 with its contents “A to Ant.”

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