Giving Back

April 8, 2015  
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Student and former teacher, Elizabeth Charlton, who completed her Diploma in Records and Information Management with the Open Polytechnic last year, has been awarded the Ian McLean Wards Scholarship and plans to put it to good use.

Reining in the Standards

March 18, 2015  
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No one can contest the value of a quality records management system. It is key for any organization: hospitals, schools—and even prisons. A U.S. Department of Justice review found that inadequate records management, poor communication, and improperly trained staff were to blame for miscalculations of sentences and the premature release of inmates.

Painting the Picture

March 17, 2015  
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Anyone who has built a true, solid standards-based taxonomy knows you can go down that rabbit hole with ease never to be seen again. This isn’t to disparage taxonomies by any means, but a true taxonomy is complex and comprehensive.

Protecting the Source

March 16, 2015  
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The Australian federal government’s data retention package is close to its end. If this particular bill is passed, many believe journalists and their sources will face an even more difficult reporting environment in Australia.

Data Analysis in a Standards-Challenged World

March 2, 2015  
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We deal pretty heavily around here in words, what they mean, and how they’re used. It should go without saying, but it’s a fundamental part of what we do and is what makes us so concerned with standards, in both taxonomies and the written word. The two go hand in hand; it’s a whole lot […]

Intelligence of All Kinds

February 2, 2015  
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Artificial intelligence has come a long way from the character Data on Star Trek and even farther from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is now part of our daily habits, i.e. Apple’s Siri.

Records Management Needs Standards

January 8, 2015  
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The University of Ghana has launched a Records Management and Archives Policy to provide a framework for ensuring that accurate records of the business activities of the university are created, managed and maintained effectively.

Consistency with Standards

December 31, 2014  
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This interesting topic came from The Ancient World Online blog, in their post,”Reception of Antiquity in a Semantic Network: Digital Books, Images and Objects.” The aim of the project “Reception of Antiquity in a Semantic Network” within the Arachne database is the development and provision of web-based prints from the period between 1500 and 1830. The project encompasses reconstruction and online publication of about 1700 prints that appeared between 1500 and 1900, as well. A total of 2,300 engravings have been processed in this extensive digital indexing project, which spanned 4 1/2 years.

Speaking of Standards

December 24, 2014  
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EBSCO Information Services fully supports the final recommendations of the Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) working group for best practices for discovery services. In the ODI, several objectives are identified as follows: metadata sharing, fair or unbiased linking from discovery services to publisher content, and the provision of usage statistics.

Let the Geeks Celebrate

December 19, 2014  
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Those of us in the world of taxonomies understand the importance of consistency and standards. So when the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently published a Recommendation of HTML5, the fifth major revision of the format used to build Web pages and applications, and the cornerstone of the Open Web Platform, we got a little excited.

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