Driving Consistency with Standards

December 8, 2014  
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As you know we like to be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, indexing, ontology, etc., by sharing career opportunities that we find with our readers. However, this find actually sparked a topic of its own.

Maintaining Standards

November 3, 2014  
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The Joint Steering Committee for Development of the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard will be meeting next week in Washington, DC, where they will consider an extensive agenda of proposals for revising RDA. You can follow along with the proceedings and decisions here.

Learn More About Thesauri

October 8, 2014  
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The Association for Information Management (ASLIB) is offering a course on Thesaurus Basics. It is a distance learning platform and is scheduled for October 15, 2014. This course introduces the ideas behind the thesaurus, the most sophisticated gold-standard controlled vocabulary for information organization and retrieval. It enables participants to understand what thesauri are, why and how they are used, and why they are worth the intellectual effort needed to construct and maintain them.

Records Management Needs Standards

August 8, 2014  
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Alfresco and Active Navigation have begun a new technology partnership to tackle specific content challenges associated with record organization and retention.

Consistency for Consumers

August 5, 2014  
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Under pressure from online retailers, those in the real world are finding the battle to stay relevant tough. Many, but not all, have decided to do a hybrid e-Commerce option to their walk-in point of sale. For some, the learning curve of e-Commerce is a bigger challenge than they are prepared to take on.

Standards Level the Playing Fields

July 23, 2014  
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There is constant conversation about technology, performance, and storage in the world of information services. It appears to be a never-ending cycle of regenerating work all focused on getting the optimal performance out of our technology at any one moment in time.

Standards and Taxonomies – Match Made in Heaven

July 17, 2014  
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A recent study revealed an open standard for fixed-income reference data would better coordinate taxonomies, even with the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council’s Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO).

Records Management Requires Consistency

June 11, 2014  
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Pittsburgh-based Business Records Management LLC (BRM) has acquired the assets of ABC Mobile Shredding Inc. This marks the fifth purchase by BRM in four years. This somewhat ironic combination of services does have commonality and merging a vendor into an organization can be smart business strategy.

Applying Standards in the Right Places

April 28, 2014  
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Many businesses work hard at developing and implementing records and information management strategies. However, if you dig a little deeper into those “strategies”, you may find a lack of management. Many confuse the terms data management and storage. Tucking away all your data somewhere safe is not the definition for data management.

Achieving True Findability Requires Standards

April 23, 2014  
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WAND has launched its WAND Taxonomy Library Portal that provides resources for companies who are developing a taxonomy strategy by giving access to more than 100,000 pre-built taxonomy concepts developed by experts.

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