Lost Without Standards

November 1, 2013  
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With Apple’s Siri and Kngine responding to both written and spoken questions with text, pictures, graphs, and images, it is hard to dispute that the semantic web is no longer a pipe dream. Yet, there are those who are doing just that. This topic was inspired by an article on Wamda titled, “Links Are Not Answers: Cairo’s Kngine Launches App to Revolutionize Search.”

Honoring the Standards and the Standards Makers

October 17, 2013  
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There is a National Ice Cream Day, a National Hopscotch Day, and a World Beard Day, so why shouldn’t there be a World Standards Day?

Standards for All Sizes

September 6, 2013  
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The American National Standards Institute’s Nanotechnology Standards Panel (ANSI-NSP) has announced the launch of a new database compiling information about nanotechnology-related standards and affiliated activities. This new database is part of a larger project by the ANSI-NSP to increase the visibility of existing and in-progress documents in relation to nanotechnology.

Dedication to Standards Recognized

August 15, 2013  
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The American National Standards Instittude (ANSI) recently named John Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce that John Siemon, CTO and vice president of global operations at Siemon, a recipient of the 2013 Leadership and Service Award.

Seeking Consistency and Standards

August 8, 2013  
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The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) voting members recently approved a new project to develop recommended practices for Packaging and Exchanging Serial Content. Many different organizations, including libraries, archives, indexing services, etc., work better and more efficiently when they exchange and work with digital files that make up serial content. However, these files are in some type of package that isn’t always the same or compatible.

Not Too Late for Nominations

June 13, 2013  
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World Standards Week (WSW) shines a light on those who have made significant contributions to their industry, their nation, and the enhancement of the global standards system. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has issued a call for nominations for its 2013 Leadership and Service Awards, which will be presented in conjunction with WSW. The awards, presented in conjunction with World Standards Week (WSW) 2013.

Conference Addresses Metadata and Images

June 4, 2013  
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Want to go to Spain? Need a good reason to go to Spain? The 7th Information Technology for News (IPTC) Photo Metadata Conference will be held in Barcelona on June 13th in conjunction with the annual Congress of the European Picture Agency Association (CEPIC).

Improving Access

May 14, 2013  
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Trying to improve public access to government documents, the Justice Department is now using metadata in its effort to adhere to the Freedom of Information Act. Citizens will now be able to find information with a simple search on sites like www.foia.gov.

Handling the Data

April 26, 2013  
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ProQuest has entered into an expanded agreement with publisher Schattauer GmbH to add to the German-language resources discoverable through the Summon service.

At Last

March 7, 2013  
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Part 2 of ISO 25964, the new international standard for thesauri, was published on March 4, 2013. This exciting and long-awaited news was received with a huge sigh of relief in the taxonomy world.

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