Using Semantic Technology in Data Governance

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Data governance is key to all types of organizations but lately it has emerged at the forefront of financial services. Stringent compliance requirements not only […]

Standards Across the Board

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We know the value of standards. In the world of ecological data, there is a lack of consensus on standardization of metadata, which obstructs […]

Moving Forward on the Right Path

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The need for standards across any line of work or process is undeniable. In this particular case, there is a need to identify a […]

Trusting the Standards

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Trust is not likely to be a word used by many users when it comes to search results and ranking. The algorithms used in […]

New Partnership Applying Standards

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Scope e-Knowledge Center (Scope) has announced a partnership with Springer Nature to build and maintain taxonomies and thesauri for the global publisher’s various online information products that […]

Standards are Critical for Success

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Standards are not just beneficial, they are important, and to every type of organization or business. This interesting information came from Thomas Net in the […]

Digital Consistency Needed

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Preservica is in the digital preservation business. They recently became a ‘supporter’ of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), and will join forces with the […]

Just Another Day

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April Fools’ Day brings memories of prank calls to your neighbors, short sheeting the beds of your siblings, and fake blood to scare your mother. What […]

The Value of History

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In Ireland 1922, Free State forces led the occupation of the Public Records Office of the Four Courts as part of the Battle of Dublin. As […]