Applying Strategy

March 20, 2014  
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Archive Management Systems (AMS) is incorporating ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite software and ImageTrac scanner in their recent production scanning and document capture solution.

Secure Storage is Needed

March 14, 2014  
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Most companies are worried that their existing data storage and backup plans will not provide the protection they know they need. Many organizations’ vital business data is being generated and stored on various devices, even individual employees’ personal thumb drives. Most of these devices have little to no backup process in place.

Where to put the data?

February 4, 2014  
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Box recently announced that it will be making the documents stored in its cloud storage system smarter. They give the credit to the metadata.

What to Expect in 2014?

January 29, 2014  
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E-discovery is a huge part of search technology. Increasingly, e-discovery demands involve other electronic information disciplines, like records management, cyber security and corporate compliance. This interesting information came from CMSWire in their post, “E-Discovery Trends for 2014.”

Data? What data?

January 21, 2014  
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We often speak of the massive volume of data that exists and is being created each and every moment of the day. However, if you narrowed it on just a portion of that data, you would find there is a large variety of data out there. Forbes brought this information to us in their article, “Big Data Variety Means That Metadata Matters.”

Using the Data You Store

January 14, 2014  
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Data storage continues to be an issue for most organizations. This piece of information might make you feel better about your own situation. At the end of 2012, 1.3 trillion objects were stored in Amazon S3, the world’s largest object storage system. Even more so, that number is growing faster than 1 billion objects per day. InfoWorld brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “What is object storage?”

Where to put all that data?

January 8, 2014  
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Video capture technology has changed, and so has the need for its storage. Though digital files have become cheaper to create and broadcast, both it and tape-based files need different, but equally secure storage. This interesting information was found in Biz Community in their article, “Managing media assets is critical in digital broadcasting.”

New Records Management System Reduces Operational Costs

December 16, 2013  
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A new online system for the Eugene Police Department records recently went live. This was a huge milestone for the City of Eugene as they worked to change the mainframe-based records system that had been in use since the late 60′s. Partnering with their sister-city Springfield, Eugene chose SunGard, a multinational IT software and services company, to take them through this journey with their Records Management System/ Computer Aided Dispatch System (RMS/CAD).

Facing the Challenge of Big Data

November 21, 2013  
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Big data has become those scary words few organizations want to hear, let alone discuss. However, many information professionals would like the opportunity to take on this challenge. The negotiation between the top and middle management seems to hold much progress at a standstill. Most CIOs have trouble working with big data themselves and they have little, or nothing, to offer to business users. CMSWire brought this situation to our attention in their article, “Cloudera Unveils Big Data Search, No Special Training Required.”

New Partnership Delivers Solutions

November 6, 2013  
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Coraid has announced a technical partnership with Splunk to enable large-scale machine data analytics in Coraid enterprise and cloud data centers through Splunk Enterprise. This interesting information was found on MarketWatch in their article, “Coraid Announces Alliance With Splunk to Tame Large-Scale Machine Data With Scale-Out Storage.”

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