UK Government Changing Tax Filing Programming Language

July 28, 2010  
 Posted in metadata, News, Taxonomy

UK changes tax filing tools and concerns about incorrect taxonomies and metadata worry professionals.

Clicker Joins the Real-Time Indexing Craze

July 27, 2010  
 Posted in Autoindexing, News, Taxonomy

Following the trend of real-time indexing, Clicker launches Clicker Social.

FileTek Wins Best Products and Services Award

July 5, 2010  
 Posted in Autoindexing, News

FileTek wins award for seamlessly combining shared drive cleanup with automatic content tagging and reorganization.

Holistic Financial Reporting Automated with Dynamic Taxonomy Base

June 24, 2010  
 Posted in Autoindexing, News, Taxonomy

Trintech approaches holistic financial reporting solutions with Unity XFR.

SeeUnity is Taking Advantage of SharePoint 2010’s Improvements

June 23, 2010  
 Posted in Autoindexing, News, Taxonomy

Business Connectivity Services are enhanced with SeeUnity and SharePoint 2010 working together.

Digging Deeper in Drupal’s Taxonomy

June 11, 2010  
 Posted in Access Insights, Autoindexing, News

Drupal fans can learn more about its capabilities.

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