In Boxes and Out

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Needless to say, we like classification. It is the sibling of taxonomy – two closely related words that reflect the fact that we encounter large amounts […]

Access Innovations Supports the SPIE Digital Library

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Society publisher moves world’s largest optics and photonics library to new site with improved design and functionality

The SPIE Digital Library — the world’s largest […]

The Power of a Taxonomy

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Health Affairs has announced a new website, supported by a comprehensive taxonomy that reflects the specialized vocabulary that comes with the health and medical […]

Moving Forward with Data

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Business intelligence in the digital culture takes some interesting turns to achieve success. It is even more peculiar for a foodie-based website. This interesting […]

Data Management Tool at Your Fingertips

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There are many options in the world of reference data management (RDM) tools. The source article seeks to help organizations weigh through the various options […]

Taxonomy of Horrors

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One of the biggest questions floating around every year in October is this: “What movies will you watch this month?”—or some derivative of that. All the major networks play their own hand-picked list of 25-50 “horror” movies all month long. Farms open their doors to a public that can roam around haunted barns and mazes; even the malls host their very own haunted houses (generally not advised for children). Many of these attractions are partly or fully inspired by horror films that over the generations have become staples every October.

Text Analytics in Peer Review

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The volume of submissions for inclusion in scholarly journals offers new challenges for scholarly publishers. Even with recent advances in peer review and editorial […]