Taxonomy in Technology

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Technology is almost always a good investment for government agencies, especially if they are looking to justify information technology (IT) modernization. This interesting information came […]

The Need for Data Classification

Most data retained by organizations is not identified or classified. This can be costly for storage, as well as being potentially non-compliant.
Data classification is […]

Don’t Overlook the Intranet

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Many organizations are focusing on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things – key buzzwords in technology these days. However they are not exhaustive in […]

London Conference Offers Learning Opportunities

The London Info International conference is scheduled for December 5-6, 2017. This unique conference is organized by Info International Ltd. and seeks to meet […]

Health Care Technology Embraces AI

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The powerful combination of data and artificial intelligence (AI) is finding new ground to cover and quite frankly, conquer. Many health care entrepreneurs are focused […]

AI to the Rescue

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Cyber security skills are in high demand. Enterprises are under constant attack from increasingly advanced adversaries. Maybe it is time to automate? This interesting […]

Confidence in the Data

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Data anarchy sounds like a new television series, but in reality it has serious consequences to the information world. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to […]

Technology in Health Care

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The health care debate continues to rage. Whether you call it Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, or TrumpCare, the current proposals in Congress to change […]