eBooks Get a Pilot Test

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The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has unveiled a pilot program to test a new model for a library-owned and library-centered ebook marketplace for […]

Digital Learning

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The Internet in classrooms is not new. However, unfettered access during the entire class, every class, every day is. This interesting information came to […]

Open Source and Diversity

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Have you ever played that game about brands? Who owns whom? We live in an age of corporate consolidation. Big companies continue to acquire […]

Technology Terms and Their History

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Dongles have become a pervasive aspect of our existence. Dongles are everywhere. But why are they called dongles? Mashable brought us this interesting, yet humorous, topic […]

Google’s Technological Dream Coat

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It has been a long time coming, but a little over a year after Google shared its connected jean jacket designed for bike commuters, […]

Meeting Cybersecurity Needs

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With data breaches and cyberattacks making headline news on a regular basis, there is a greater need for professionals with the necessary skills to […]

Working in Reality

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Wireless virtual reality (VR) headsets are becoming more and more popular by the day. Data consumption is forecast to explode over the next four […]

Social Media’s Role in Our Culture

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Social media and its impact on politics, religion, social policies and current affairs has been under the microscope for some time now. Many believe […]

Who is the Scientist?

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To be successful in business, every organization must find a way to accurately forecast and predict the future of its market, not to mention […]

Technology and Health

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The powerful combination of data and artificial intelligence (AI) is finding new ground to cover and quite frankly, conquer. Many health care entrepreneurs are focused […]